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During the fermentation process of beer, problems that may be encountered

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The taste of craft beer is formed by a balance of different compounds. But over time, certain flavor components of craft beer will undergo chemical changes. Today, beer brewing equipment manufacturers will take you to understand the change process.

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The taste of craft beer undergoes chemical changes over time: it may produce new flavors, or it may produce blemishes or change its taste. The composition of craft beer (alcohol carbonation, hops), exposure to oxygen and temperature all affect its taste, from brewing to the end of fermentation to consumption.

In general, the bitterness of craft beer decreases over time because the oxidized sweetness will mask the bitterness. When the craft beer begins to age and oxidize, the wet paper characteristics or the oxidized taste of the cardboard begin to appear, and once it is completely oxidized, the craft beer becomes old and cannot be restored.

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The high oxygen content of craft beer will cause more serious oxidative damage, so minimize the oxygen intake during the brewing process.

Storage temperature also affects the aging of craft beer,such as the storage time at room temperature is different from the storage time in the refrigerator.

Craft beer can be stored in a fermentation tank at 4 degrees Celsius for 4 months; but if it is not finished, it can only be stored for 2 days even if it is kept in the refrigerator. Because craft beer is not sterilized and filtered, there are many microorganisms in the liquor, which can accelerate the chemical changes of craft beer. This is why the craft beer cannot be stored for 2 days after it is opened.

The higher the temperature of the storage environment, the higher the chemical reaction of many craft beer, and the shorter the storage time of craft beer.


What is the ideal fermentation temperature for beer fermentation?

The optimum fermentation temperature of each strain of beer yeast was different, and the fermentation temperature of the lower yeast was lower than that of the upper yeast.

In the appropriate fermentation temperature range, the higher fermentation temperature will accelerate the fermentation speed, and produce more esters. On the contrary, the lower fermentation temperature slows down the fermentation rate and gives the beer a softer, milder taste.

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