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Develop the Best Floor Plan for Your Brewery

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How to develop the best floor plan for your brewery?

Opening a brewery is a long and complex process that requires advance planning and a floor plan designed to fit the final build. When you've made up your mind to do it, it means well-prepared in advance. DEGONG designers will provide you with high-quality advice on developing the best brewery floor plan.

1. Essentials for developing a brewery plan

You start by planning how to build it, drawing a scale map of the beer brewing space. Determine where the fixtures will be used and don't overcrowd the space. Ensure that the decoration materials used meet and safety standards to ensure the personal safety of the brewery workshop.

2. Considerations for designing a brewery floor plan

There are some issues to consider when preparing the layout design of the brewery. The brewery is a commercial space, and it is necessary to consider where the materials and goods enter from, to ensure that it will not affect the drinking of customers. The rational use of raw materials can improve productivity and save costs. Therefore, an efficient and well-designed brewery layout plays an important role in the safety and work efficiency of the brewery. What does the process of a successful craft brewery look like? There are many factors that need to be considered, such as brewing technology, equipment cost, location, license and supervision of relevant departments. Improve its production efficiency through the layout of the brewery in the following three aspects.

(1) Improve cleanliness

When your brewery layout is in the design stage, build an easy-to-clean brewery ahead of time. Non-porous epoxy resin can be used when using the floor, and its surface has an antibacterial layer, which requires less chemical scrubbing and is easy to clean. Will save you time, money and improve beer quality.

(2) Improve energy efficiency

Energy conservation considerations are a cost-saving measure for craft breweries. A good and proper craft brewery layout can play a very critical role in saving energy components. Effective energy saving measures will reduce long-term costs for breweries. By way of example: Reducing the distance between different brewing steps means reducing the amount of pumping required. Fewer puffs means less energy is required to complete a brew, which also helps prevent the possibility of unexpected flavors in beer quality. Solar panels can be installed on the roof to heat the water used in the brewing process, using the infrastructure in a dam or tank to produce the electricity you need.

(3) Improve cost savings

By planning ahead for additional space, there are a few things you can do in design production that save on brewery equipment layout costs. Example: When the production capacity of a brewery cannot meet demand, additional equipment such as fermentation tanks are purchased to increase production. Store filter bucket drains in the mash room area and dispose of them for later brewing and reduce water costs. It is also possible to recycle spent beer and save costs by installing equipment to collect any beer spills in the bottling area.

The above is about the formulation of the layout of the brewery. If you have a better plan, please leave a message and discuss together!

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