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Create a Brewery Maintenance Plan

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Pre-Processing Of New Equipment

The mash tun that has been installed needs to be cleaned with clean water to clean up the dirt in the mash tun. For those with heating tubes, a leak test is required. Add water to the mash tun and over the heating tubes to see if the heating tubes are leaking. If there is leakage, tighten the screws to ensure safety. If there is an electric steam boiler or a gas boiler, the mash pot is heated to check whether the boiler is operating . The boilers are equipped with water treatment (softened water), which softens the tap water and uses it in the boiler.

Function of softening water: Unsoftened water is easy to scale. Due to the continuous evaporation of steam, the boiler water has a very high concentration of calcium, magnesium and impurities – 30-50 times that of natural water. The scaling speed is beyond our imagination, and it only takes half a year to one year to scale 1-2mm. Scale is very harmful, and in severe cases, it can cause the boiler to burst! Comparison of thermal conductivity of scale and metal. The thermal conductivity of scale is only about 0.5% of that of metal. After the boiler is scaled, to achieve the thermal efficiency without scale, it is necessary to increase the temperature of the heating surface.

There Are Three Main Hazards Of Scale

  • Reduce heat absorption, reduce boiler thermal efficiency, waste fuel, and increase boiler operating costs.

  • Scaling causes the temperature of the furnace wall to increase , the stress of the steel is destroyed, the strength is reduced, and in severe cases, a burst occurs, which reduces the service life.

  • Affect the quality of steam, make the steam contain calcium and magnesium ions, and cause scaling and blockage of boiler accessories (safety valves, pressure gauges, pressure controllers, etc.) and steam appliances (such as irons, etc.).


Maintenance Of The Late Brewhouse System

After each wine is made, use a high-pressure water gun to clean the residual wheat dregs in the tank. Clean the brewhouse pipeline with tap water to avoid residues. Especially if there is wheat grain attached to the heating tube, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent the pot from sticking again next time. After the plate heat exchanger is put into the tank, it is first washed with tap water, and then backwashed. Finally, oxygen or carbon dioxide is used to blow out the water in the plate heat exchanger to prevent the water from becoming stinky over time. If you don’t make wine for a long time, the brewhouse system needs to be cleaned with hot alkaline water, the method is the same as the cleaning process of the new tank, especially the plate heat exchanger should be cleaned. The clamp connection of the pipe fittings of the brewhouse system needs to be tightened after a period of use to prevent leakage and injury during use.

Brewery equipment is different from the electric heating used in ordinary small equipment. This heating method generally adopts steam heating, so a boiler is generally equipped when the equipment is installed.

Daily Maintenance Of The Boiler

  • The water quality of the boiler water must meet national standards. The boiler equipment should use demineralized water. Failure to use demineralized water will cause scaling of the gas-fired steam boiler, which will affect the performance and service life of the boiler, and may cause accidents.

  • The power distribution terminal for boiler power must be connected to a leakage protector (self-provided) to ensure power safety.

  • Every week, professionals check the development of fasteners such as main circuit connectors, power line ferrules, circuit breakers, voltage-controlled switches, and heating pipes. The power supply must be disconnected when maintaining and repairing the gas steam boiler.

  • During the use of the product, the sewage should be discharged at least twice a day (with a pressure of 0.2MPa); the sewage pipe should be connected to a safe place.

  • Clean the water level cylinder (with a pressure of 0.1Mpa), and clean the water level electrode and water tank filter under the condition of no pressure.

  • When the temperature is below 0°C, please pay attention to the antifreeze work of the water supply pipeline. After the work is completed, empty the remaining water in the pump head to prevent the pump head from freezing and cracking.

  • When the equipment is running, warning signs should be hung next to the steam, wort, and other high-temperature pipelines and the brewhouse equipment to prevent scalding.

Maintenance Of The Control Cabinet

  • Every six months, the wiring in the cabinet and component terminals should be fastened once. Tighten with the main power cord disconnected.

  • Vacuum the cabinet once a month.

  • The control cabinet should be installed away from water sources, and the iron material control cabinet needs to be raised to prevent rust and rot from contact with water.


Routine Maintenance Of Fermenter

  • Before the fermenter is used, it is necessary to carry out a pressure-holding leak test. Tighten the clamp, and keep the pressure with water or compressed air, the pressure gauge is 0.2MP a day. If the value of the pressure gauge of the fermenter remains unchanged, it means that there is no air leakage, which meets the production requirements and can be used.

  • Fermentation tank cleaning. There is a cleaning ball in the fermenter, and the pressure of the tap water must reach 0.2MP so that the cleaning ball can clean 360 degrees without dead ends. If the pressure does not meet the requirements, it is necessary to add water to the mash tun and use the washing pump to clean it.

  • Fermentation tank solenoid valve and temperature probe maintenance. The 24V power supply of the solenoid valve should not be in contact with water, and the flow of the solenoid valve should be checked .

Routine Maintenance Of Ice Water Tanks And Refrigerators

Maintenance Of Ice Water Tank

The ice water tank has a liquid level. We mark the liquid level tube to know the volume of the refrigerant in the tank. After a long time, the liquid level drops and we need to add corresponding 95% alcohol to supplement the lost alcohol to reach the concentration we need. The pipeline between the ice water tank and the ice water pump should be tightened to avoid leakage.


Daily Maintenance Of Chiller

  • Copper tube chiller, check the high-pressure gauge and low-pressure gauge of the refrigerator. The chiller has pressure control, the chiller will not start if the pressure is too low, and the chiller will not start if the pressure is too high.

  • Keep the console clean.

  • Check whether there is refrigerant leakage, and check whether the pressure of the pressure gauge is 0, or whether there is a drop from the normal reading. To check for leaks, you can check whether there are oil stains or refrigerant leakage at the joints of the pipelines or parts assembled.

  • Check whether the external chain circuit, flow switch, and water temperature, water pressure, and water flow of the water pipeline are normal, and whether the exhaust has been completely exhausted.

  • Check whether the power supply is normal before and after starting up.

  • Check whether there is any abnormal vibration and noise after turning on the machine.

  • After starting up, check whether the high and low pressures are normal.

  • After starting up, check whether the host starts, stops, temperature control and other operating conditions are normal.

  • Record the operating status of the host. Voltage, current, high and low pressure, temperature and pressure of water entering and leaving the condenser and evaporator. The lubricating oil in the compressor has been added during the production of the main engine. It is necessary to supplement only when the unit is overhauled. When the unit is in abnormal condition, professional and technical personnel should be notified for inspection and maintenance.

Daily Maintenance Of The Mill Machine

  • Check whether there are foreign objects and impurities in the hopper of the mill machine, check whether the fasteners on the mill machine are loose, the tightness of the mill machine drive belt, and the reliability of each safety protection device.

  • Regularly check whether the terminals are loose

CIP Cleaning Routine Maintenance

  • Pay attention to the concentration of alkaline water in the alkaline water tank at any time. If the concentration of alkaline water is too low or too turbid, it can no longer be used for washing and should be replaced in time.

  • Disinfection tank, containing the mixture of food grade hydrogen peroxide and tap water, the concentration is 1%. When the concentration is not enough or turbid, replace it in time.

  • The control system, power cord, and components on the disinfection vehicle need to be fastened to ensure safe operation.


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