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Can beer be brewed with other ingredients instead of barley?Why choose barley as fermentation material?

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Can beer be brewed with other ingredients instead of barley?Why choose barley as fermentation material?

Yes.Some domestic manufacturers use wheat instead of barley. African brewing generally use sorghum. They are cheaper than barley malt, but one of their main disadvantage is that they have high protein content, which can cause beer non-biological stability is not good. Second, it is difficult to separate the husks and to filter the wort.


One reason for using barley malt is that there are traditional factors in it:

Germany’s most stringent German beer brewing law "Purity Law" promulgated in 1516, only uses four natural raw materials: barley, hops, yeast, and water, without any additives. The brewer’s craft beer is using this brewing method. In addition to ensuring the taste of beer, it also retains the nutrients in the beer to the maximum extent.. Barley is easy to germinate and is a non-staple food crop. It is grown all over the country. Its chemical composition is suitable for brewing beer, and the price is low, so beer brewers have always used it.



Reasons for choosing barley:

1. Balance the ratio of protein (beer foam, yeast nutrients) and starch (the main source of extract).

2. Barley is easy to germinate and produces a large number of hydrolytic enzymes (esterase, starch decomposing enzyme, hemicellulose decomposing enzyme, protein decomposing enzyme, oxidoreductase).

3. Barley husk has a protective effect during the process of barley production. A natural filter layer is formed during the wort filtration process to ensure the clarity of the harvested wort.

4. It has a positive effect on beer foam.

5. Barley malt can be used to brew alcohol, and can also be used as medicine. It has the effects of invigorating the stomach and digesting food. The coke barley can clear heat and dispel dampness, quench thirst and produce body fluids. It is a popular beverage for preventing heatstroke and cooling.

6. Barley is not the main direct edible crop. Using barley to make wine will not affect human ration supply. This is one of the reasons why barley has been used in modern times.


To brew high-quality beer, you must have high-quality barley to produce high-quality malt. The standard for special high-quality beer barley requires high purity, large thousand grains, thin hull, light and shiny color, moderate protein content, high leaching rate and high germination rate, but also requires amino nitrogen content and high saccharification power, β- Special quality requirements such as low dextran content.

Brewing barley is mainly based on parameters:



germination rate/%


germinating ability/%


protein content/%


Extract content/%



For beginners, a preliminary quality evaluation of malted barley can be made according to the following table:


Parameter value index

Yield of extraction




Final appearance degree of fermentation


saccharifying power


In addition to the initial viscosity, the higher the values of the other four parameters, the higher the malt "quality coefficient" and the better the quality of barley.




Why must barley be turned into barley malt?

After the barley is harvested, it needs to be germinated into barley malt before it can be used for beer brewing. Then some people will ask why malt is necessary and barley is not available. To explain this problem, let's talk about an important part of beer brewing-saccharification. Saccharification is the conversion of water-insoluble starch proteins into water-soluble maltose and polysaccharides through the action of enzymes. The most important thing in this process is the action of enzymes. In the saccharification process, the two most important enzymes are α-amylase and β-amylase. The original barley contains little or almost no α-amylase. As for the β-amylase in the original barley, there are not many. But during the germination process, after a series of complex biochemical reactions, α-amylase and β-amylase are produced.


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