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Beer is not white. Why is it called white beer

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DEGONG beer equipment provides you with the history and knowledge of white beer.White beer has a long history, dating back to before the Middle Ages.Hops were not used in beer at the time, but an ingredient called Gloryt was used.By the middle of the 20th century, the beer had all but disappeared.Then there was Pierre.Ceres revives it.Pierre, a native of Flanders Garden, was determined to give up her job when he saw the last wheat beer factory in the town close.Get involved in the revival of this old beer business.Today, white beer is worldwide, and its freshness has been praised all over the world.

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Brewing: The beer typically uses large amounts of unsprouted wheat as an ingredient.

Yeast characteristics: White beer is pale yellow, but due to the use of wheat in brewing, the yeast in the wine produces a white light, plus the beer has a lot of dense and persistent white foam.

The beer will turn white. The beer will have a light honey-like aroma, along with citrus fruits and spicy notes. But the pungent taste is never too strong. White beer has an average liquid consistency, but is very rich and dry. This single beer is a great pick-me-up and thirst quencher and is the drink of choice on a summer evening.

Alcohol content: around 5% Applicable place: hotel, bar, club, cateringIn DEGONG's beer selling equipment, we insist on using malt as the raw material. In my opinion, only full-malt beer can show the real charm of beer.Of course, once you have mastered the brewing skills, in the future, you can use different raw materials to brew different flavors of beer.

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Why is it called white beer when it's not white?

That's because two different yeasts are used in the secondary fermentation process, and other flavorings are added during the secondary fermentation process. The final beer is also not filtered, so the beer contains a lot of proteins and yeasts that have been killed. Therefore, white beer has a white emulsion state, so it is called white beer.

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Why white beer before shake?

Because these beers tend to have yeast deposits in the bottom layer, and those yeast flavors will stand out.Here's a way to pour: Roll the bottle lightly on the table before opening it, or shake it slightly to loosen the yeast so it blends evenly with the beer.

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White beer tastes delicious. What are the ingredients in it?

White beer is mainly made from wheat and is brewed by upper fermentation method. It is not filtered, so the yeast of fermentation is retained in the beer, which makes the body cloudy and has a little precipitation.The taste of beer contains the aroma of ester fruit, bubble full, the entrance has a sourness of yeast.And by keeping the yeast, the nutritional value of the beer is greatly improved.

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