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Show you about "beer knowledge”

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Speaking of beer, I believe I have basically drunk it. Beer is always indispensable for gatherings and meals. We always drink it every time we drink it, but few people explore it. I will introduce it to you today.

1. Eyre and Lager are two types of fermentation

By distinguishing the fermentation temperature and the location of the yeast, we can divide beer into two types, Ale fermented on small beer equipment and Lager fermented under. These two fermentation types cannot completely determine the flavor of beer.The following style branches that determine the flavor of these two types are pale Eyre, Porter, Pearson, Shitao, wheat and so on.

2. Raw materials for beer: malt, hops, yeast and water

Malt: Provides the sugar needed for beer fermentation.

Hops: As a preservative and providing a bitterness balanced with malt, they also bear a charming aroma in American craft brewing.

Water: It accounts for 95% of beer and is usually treated to ensure that it does not affect flavor or fermentation, and allows all chemical reactions to occur.

Yeast: It converts sugar into alcohol. It is the worker behind all this.

3. Additional accessories are not all good things

Sometimes winemakers add accessories such as coriander, sage, coffee, chocolate, milk, fruit or honey to the beer to increase the aroma and complexity of the beer.However, the accessories of large industrial manufacturers, rice, corn, and starch, are all used to reduce the cost of brewing, and they will greatly reduce the flavor of beer.


4. The color of beer has nothing to do with alcohol content

Dark beer tends to give people a higher alcohol content and heavier taste.In most cases of small beer equipment, the color of beer depends on the malt, and the alcohol content is determined by the sugar content in the wort, not the color of the malt.

5. The more beer foam, the better

The quality of beer cannot be determined by the amount of foam.The foam of high-quality beer should be delicate, white, and long-lasting. After the liquor is drunk, there is still a lot of foam on the wall of the glass, which is the real good beer.At the same time, the amount of foam also depends on the style of beer and the drinking temperature at the time.

6. Beer is not as cold as possible

The suitable drinking temperature of the fermented Aier beer will be relatively high.It is also well understood that Aier beer also needs to act at a higher temperature when it is fermented, and small beer equipment releases some substances and flavors.Therefore, these flavors also need to be at a certain temperature to be easily reflected.

7. Canned beer is no worse than bottled beer

Canned beer has many advantages, such as fast thermal conductivity of the container and easy to cool quickly; perfect light-proof properties, which can effectively prevent beer from spoiling; lightweight and easy to carry.

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