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If you love to drink, do you know how to choose the beer equipment you need?

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In modern life and work, many people will be busy socializing, and one indispensable thing in socializing is wine. With the rapid development of the beer industry, many bars and even personal homes will want to buy craft beer equipment, so many people should be like me. I don't know much about beer equipment. I have sorted out a few points today. I hope it can help you who want to buy craft beer equipment.

With the international impact of the epidemic, the beer industry in countries such as Germany and the United States has been greatly impacted. Recently, there have been many regrettable news.

The Beer World Cup, the American Craft Brewer Conference and the Brewing Expo were cancelled. The American Brewing Association announced that it will abandon the 2020 Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America and the World Beer Cup competition. The two events were originally expected to be from April 19th to 22nd, which will attract about 13,000 people from all over the world to San Antonio.

Meetings of this size are planned several years in advance, and they must be coordinated with cities that are large enough to accommodate thousands of people at the same time. The WBC is the world's largest beer competition, held every two years, and is known as the ”Beer Olympics".With the cancellation of the PGA Players Championship, Budweiser Inbev decided to cancel the release of the new Michelob Ultra advertisement, which featured professional golfer Brooks Koepka. Bars and wineries are also closed!


What should I do to purchase craft beer equipment during the current period?

Beer is both wine and drink. You can add a variety of different flavors to meet the needs of different groups of people. In the future, drinking craft beer is no longer a big sip, but a slow taste!Beer, juice, tea, etc. are integrated with each other to promote the innovation of craft beer equipment!

Beer is an important member of consumer goods.Judging from the long-term trend, it will not increase or decrease significantly. Per capita consumption is in a steady state. The beer industry is still a good choice!

Buying craft beer equipment, multiple choices and comparisons, configuration, details, materials, and services are all factors you have to consider. You need to meet the following points:

1. Hygiene and health.The purchased equipment needs to meet this point, take hygiene as the responsibility, start from product research and development, consumption guidance, etc., and drink healthily, which is good for health!

2. The cooperation model can be a beer workshop, a bar, etc., as well as online and offline, communities, etc.

3. Wine innovation.

The impact of the international epidemic will definitely give birth to the vigorous development of domestic craft brewing.We firmly believe that in the future, it can also be made in China in the craft beer circle. Our domestic craft beer equipment, craft breweries, beer workshops, etc. will also get rid of the difficulties caused by the epidemic as soon as possible, and the jedi will survive.

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