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What to Know Before Buying a Filling Machine

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Do you need to buy a filling machine? The process of buying a filling machine can be particularly complicated, because there are many options for the filling machine, and it is difficult to know which one is more suitable for your business.

What to Know Before Buying a Filling Machine

  • What Do You Need To Fill When You Buy The Filling Machine?

Although some bottle filling machines are designed to fill dry goods (such as powders or pills) into containers, there are some other filling machines that are best for handling liquids. So, if you are considering buying a filling machine, the first important factor to consider is the viscosity or consistency of the product. The viscosity of your product will help you determine which type of filling technology the machine uses to properly handle the specific attributes of your product. If your product has high viscosity (such as molasses), you will need to consider purchasing a filling machine that can handle the physical characteristics of the product.

  • Has Your Product Been Carbonated?

Carbonated beverages (such as beer, soda, champagne, etc.) require a unique filling technology and specialized filling equipment. Therefore, you need to consider buying a filling machine that can fill/bottle carbonated products correctly. This type of machine is called a back pressure filling machine.

The back pressure filling machine maintains the carbonation of the liquid through a process called double pre-evacuation, even during bottling. The working principle of this method is to extract air from the bottle and pressurize it with carbon dioxide. Then, by repeating this process to ensure that 99.99% of the oxygen in the bottle can be removed (double pre-evacuation). Ultimately, bottled carbonated products will have a longer shelf life, thanks to these repeated pre-evacuation cycles.

  • What Type Of Container Do You Need To Fill?

Another factor of fittings when buying a filling machine is understanding of the physical characteristics of the container you are using. Before purchasing a filling machine, determining the type of container that needs to be filled is a key issue, as this will help determine which type of filling technology the machine uses. This is because the properties of the container must be compatible with the filling method of the machine for the filling machine to work properly.

For example, some automatic filling machines grab the container from the top, but others grab it from the side. So, if your bottle is uniquely designed, the filling machine grabbed from the top may not be suitable for that particular type of container. Similarly, if your bottle diameter is too large, the filling equipment grabbed from the side may not be the best choice to meet your production needs.

Finally, regarding the container you are going to use, another key factor to consider is whether it is made of glass or plastic. Also, do you prefer to use aluminum cans instead of bottles? All three materials require the use of specific types of filling techniques.

Before buying a filling machine, it is necessary to understand the physical properties of the container you are going to fill. Because the properties of the container will ultimately determine the key factor of the best filling type for your production needs. Also, you need to share this information with your suppliers, because they will help you choose the most suitable filling machine for your operation.


  • What Is Your Output?

When considering the efficiency of the filling machine, the most important thing is to remember your current and future production needs. Because when you decide to expand your business, upgrading your machine may not be feasible. Smaller machines usually measure their filling speed by the number of bottles they fill per hour (BPH), while faster, larger filling machines usually calculate the filling speed based on bottles per minute (BPM).

For example, for start-ups or very small companies, manual filling machines are a suitable entry-level investment. But, manual filling machines may not be able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, or even small businesses that plan to expand/increase production.

  • How High Is The Degree Of Automation Of The Filling Machine You Need?

When purchasing a filling machine, it is critical to determine which level of automation to use. For home brewing, entry-level brewing, or small companies with only a few employees and no growth plans, the manual filling machine is a good choice. The manual filling machine is designed to handle relatively low output, so it is not suitable for small and medium-sized breweries or breweries with expansion plans.

Semi-automatic filling machines are a great “middle” choice for most small breweries and ideal for breweries with growth plans. The production efficiency of these machines is greater than that of manual filling machines, but some manual operations are still required, which will slow down your filling efficiency. In terms of price, the semi-automatic filling machine is between the manual filling machine and the automatic filling machine, and it is an affordable investment.

The automatic filling machine is the best choice for large breweries (large-scale enterprises with higher output) because the filling speed of this machine is much faster than manual filling machines and semi-automatic filling machines. Although the automatic filling machine takes up more space, it rarely requires manual processing. Automatic filling machines are usually the most expensive in terms of purchase and maintenance.

  • How Much Capacity/Volume Does Your Filling Machine Need To Fill?

The size and capacity of the container can have a huge impact on the weight change during filling. Because of the characteristics of some liquids, you may need to overfill the container. So, you need to set the filling capacity, which will affect your business bottom line. Also, obtaining a device with a more accurate capacity size can control product waste.

  • If The Composition Changes, Will It Provide Scalability?

Over time, the composition of the liquid products you produce may change. You may find cheaper alternatives or higher quality ingredients, because of this change you may need to buy a brand new filling machine. But if your filling machine is scalable, then you don’t need to make drastic changes to the components to adapt to the new ingredients.

  • Does The Filling Opportunity Affect The Characteristics Of The Liquid?

Not only do you need to understand the characteristics of the liquid before it enters the filling machine, but you also need to understand what changes may occur to the liquid as it passes through the equipment components. If the liquid changes when passing through some parts, try not to use this type of filling machine.

  • How Complicated Is The Maintenance And Cleaning Of The Filling Machine?

The accumulation of liquid in the components will affect the normal operation of the filling machine and the quality of the finished product. You should try to choose a machine that is easy to clean and maintain to prevent pollution and poor product quality.

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