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What is the reason for the surface treatment of the liner of the beer equipment?

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What is the reason for the surface treatment of the liner of the beer equipment?

1. stainless-steel has great rust resistance and also heat oxidation resistance, and also its major function is to stop rust and also corrosion. The rust resistance of stainless-steel mostly counts on the surface area passivation movie. The stainless steel will certainly still be rusted if the film is faulty or insufficient.

2. Mechanical polishing-In enhancement to making stainless steel appearance charitable as well as lovely, the surface area therapy of stainless steel has one more function. The primary reason stainless-steel does not corrosion is that this steel is an alloy. The particles of this steel are not energetic. It is challenging to chemically respond with air. Not just the stainless steel is 100% immune to corrosion. It depends upon exactly how as well as where it is utilized.

3. After the stainless-steel is polished mechanically, a safety movie is based on the surface area of the stainless-steel by pressing the surface area of the stainless-steel. This type of membrane layer much better separates the chain reactions triggered by water, air as well as various other particles. Make the surface area particles of stainless-steel tighter and also stronger. Improve the deterioration resistance of stainless-steel. Enhance the life span of stainless-steel.

4. Pickling passivation-- Acid pickling passivation is normally accomplished in design, to make sure that the deterioration resistance of stainless-steel can be brought right into complete play. In the procedure of creating, setting up, welding and also welding joint assessment (such as imperfection discovery, stress examination) as well as building noting of stainless-steel equipment and also parts, surface area oil spots, corrosion, non-metallic dust, low-melting steel impurities, paint, as well as welding slag are caused These compounds influence the surface area high quality of stainless-steel equipment and also elements, ruin the oxide movie externally, decrease the total rust resistance and also regional deterioration resistance of the steel (consisting of matching deterioration, gap deterioration), and also create anxiety Corrosion splitting.

5. Stainless-steel surface area cleansing, passivation as well as pickling not just optimize deterioration resistance, yet additionally stop item contamination and also get gorgeous look.

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