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Types of Adjuncts in Beer

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There are two major types of adjuncts in beer– liquid and solid. But there are also other adjuncts like fruits, vegetables, and spices. First, let’s talk about the main kinds!

Liquid adjuncts or wort extensions can be categorized into grain syrups and sucrose syrups. Usually, liquid adjuncts are extracted from plants. These kinds can be added to the wort boiling system or after fermentation.

On the other hand, solid adjuncts are commonly added to the malting process since these adjuncts need enzymes to break down. These enzymes are included in other grains in the malt.

Fruits and vegetable adjuncts are the easiest to understand. Typical fruits and vegetables that breweries mix in the beer for the extra or new flavor are also considered adjuncts. There are pumpkin-flavored beers in North America.

Modern breweries prefer to use fruit and vegetable extract since it is more convenient. They don’t need to ferment the actual fruit like cherry and raspberry.

Spices like coriander and nutmeg are also traditional adjuncts. Like the others, these can be added to the wort as flavorings. Breweries can also use spice extracts.

There are unusual adjuncts as well. Some of these are coffee grains, oysters, chocolate, and chili peppers. Beer makers use these to experiment with taste and to develop unique beers.

Liquid Adjuncts
Solid Adjuncts Spices Unusual Adjuncts
Honey Unmalted barley Anise Oysters
Maple syrup Cassava Ginger Mushroom
Caramel syrup Corn Clove Cake-flavors
Corn syrup Sorghum Hot peppers Animal brains
Belgian candi syrup Oats Licorice Cultivated yeast


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