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Two body-three vessels brewhouse

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The structure of brewhouse is various according to different brewing technology, the building limitation, the budget etc. In this article, let us talk about one of them, two body-three vessel,mash/lauter tun&whirlpool tun and kettle tun.The whirlpool tun and the mash/lauter tun share one same body, but they are separated inside and the whirlpool tun is located under the mash/lauter tun.


  • Save cost

The price of this structure is more economical. If you want to place the whirlpool tun below the mash/lauter tank, this can help you budget well.

  • Suitable for electric and steam heating

For some strict brewers, they would attach much importance to the whirlpool effect and do not allow any parts in the whirlpool tun.

Therefore, if the brewhouse is mash/lauter tun and kettle/whilpool tun, the direct fire and electric heating is not very suitable for it.

For electric heating, the electric pipe is necessary for kettle tun. In this way, the electric pipe will conflict with the whilpool to some degree.

However, for two body-three vessel brewhouse, electric and steam heating are suitable.

  • Lautering by gravity

For two body-three vessel brewhouse, the wort after lautering would run into the whirlpool tun firstly by gravity, then is pumped into the lauter tun again for circulating lautering or kettle tun for boiling. In this case, it can avoid the grain bed is pumped to tight and affect the lautering speed&quality.

  • Fly sparging

Two body-three vessel brewhouse can achieve fly sparging. That is to say, you can lauter the wort and sparging the grain bed at the same time.

Of course, two body-three vessel brewhouse also has some limitations. For example, the whirlpool tun is located under the mash/whirlpool tun, so the height is a little higher. If your brew building has the height limitation, it might not be very suitable.


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