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The main source of beer color

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Beer is a drink that often appears in our daily friend gatherings and family dinners. Especially now with the improvement of people's living standards, the color and taste of beer are also diverse. Common beers include yellow, black, brown, etc. colour. Systematically analyze the main sources of beer chromaticity brewed by small beer equipment:

First, the main source of beer color. Most of the beer chromaticity is produced in the beer brewing process, mainly including the leaching of malt chromaticity in the raw materials, the formation of boiling chromaticity, the chromaticity change during packaging sterilization and foaming. At the same time, some chromatic substances will disappear during fermentation and filtration. The formula can be expressed as: the final chromaticity of beer = raw material chromaticity + boiling chromaticity + foaming chromaticity + sterilization process - fermentation chromaticity - filtering chromaticity.

Second, the formation factors of chromatic substances in beer production process. The content of chromatic substances is mainly related to the leaching and forming conditions of pigment substances in the production process. It is formed by the dissolution and oxidative polymerization of polyphenols in malt and hops. The process conditions are controlled to reduce the production of melanoids, so that the beer has a good gloss in the end.



1. The barley used for making malt will have different chroma due to different varieties, and it will be directly affected by the malting process. For example, if the soaked wheat is too high, the leaf buds grow too long, the air humidity is too high during the baking period, and the temperature is high and the baking is burnt, forming a large amount of melanin. Barley contains more polyphenols, and the resulting malt has a darker color.

Malt is too soluble, with high content of low molecular sugar and amino acid. At the same time, when barley is germinated, protein and starch are decomposed into soluble amino acid and sugar, which provides more Maillard reaction components and accelerates the leaching of pigment substances. . The chromaticity of malt is the primary condition for determining the chromaticity of beer. Generally, the chromaticity of wort and beer can be adjusted by adjusting the chromaticity of malt and adopting different ratio schemes of raw materials under the condition that the production process is relatively fixed.

2. Hops factor: Hops have been stored for too long or have been oxidized and deteriorated. Too much phenolic acids, catechins, anthocyanins and other substances will cause bitterness and deepen the color of the beer. Good hops are yellow-green, and aged hops turn brown or red due to oxidation; tannins and iron salts in hops are blue-black, and tannins turn red after oxidation, which will increase the color of beer. ;The amount of hops is too large, and the addition time is different, which will affect the color of the beer to a certain extent.

3. The influence of the factors of brewing water on the leaching of chromatic substances: if the carbonate content in the water is too high, it will increase the color of the mash and increase the color of the wort. If the pH of the brewing water is too high, or the water quality is too hard, it will increase the chance of leaching of pigment substances and excessive dissolution of polyphenols. Therefore, the water should be softened and pH adjusted during use to ensure that the pH of the final wort is between 5.2-5.5.

In short, there is not a single source that affects the color of beer. We usually pay attention to the proportion of brewing raw materials and the use time in the process of brewing.

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