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Sterilization method used in beer equipment

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Why sanitize brewing equipment?

Sterilizing your brewing equipment to maintain a sterile environment helps turn your delicious beer into a high-quality, delicious beer.

When starting your beer brewing adventure, the focus may just be getting a great beer. However, beer quality quickly became a top priority, and it soon became apparent that the microbes in beer production can have a huge impact on the overall quality and freshness of the beer.

Start-up brewery sterilization

As a small amateur brewer, you probably sanitize your beer-making equipment with household cleaning products (perhaps your dishwasher, oven, or even your pressure cooker). All of these methods are usually proper brew sterilization methods that reduce microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and other contaminants to levels acceptable for amateur brewing. But for the ambitious brewer looking into how to start a brewery or start a microbrewery, this article may help you understand the need for beer sterilization equipment to help you operate more efficiently and produce a better exportable beer.

Microorganisms in beer production

Without brewery sterilization methods, microbes, bacteria, bacteria and other beer contaminants can affect the healthy environment of yeast. Commercial brewers use yeast harvested from recent batches, but removing contaminants is critical when using their own yeast cultures to prevent contamination.

Microbes in beer production can adversely affect the taste of beer.

Throughout the brewing process, you must remove microorganisms from anything that comes in contact with the yeast/wort/beer in order to enjoy a great beer.


DEGONG beer brewing equipment

How to clean beer equipment?

The cleaning of beer equipment is indispensable. In our life, the use of self brewed beer equipment is very common, but its cleaning methods can not be ignored. Let's take a look at the cleaning methods of beer equipment:

1. Cleaning of heat exchanger: the cleaning of heat exchanger and pipeline is the same in principle. Under normal working conditions, the medium of heat exchanger is in plain flow state. Good cleaning effect can be obtained if the cleaning solution is 20% - 30% higher than the design flow.

2. Cleaning of beer equipment parts and machines: there is no fixed mode for cleaning beer equipment parts, which can be cleaned according to the general steps of equipment cleaning.

3. The key point of pipeline washing is to give full play to the mechanical role to improve the washing effect. When cleaning with cold cleaning solution, in order to achieve good washing effect, different pipe diameters require different flow rates in the pipe. When cleaning with hot cleaning solution, the flow rate of cleaning solution in the pipe shall be kept at 1-1.5m/s. Attention must be paid to the cleaning of carbon dioxide and compressed air pipelines and their accessories.

4. The cleaning of the tank body can be completed by the automatic tank washer. The tank washer has two types: spray ball type and mechanical type. When the cleaned beer equipment is dirty and the tank diameter is large, the mechanical tank washer is generally used to increase the washing radius and cleaning

intensity by increasing the outlet pressure of the tank washer. Compared with the spray ball can washer, the mechanical can washer can use lower cleaning fluid flow.

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