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Precautions for craft beer filling

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The brewing of craft beer is a complex process, from the selection of raw materials, brewing to filling, every link must be taken seriously. DEGONG shares with you the precautions in the filling process.

1. Requirements for beer bottle filling

The filling of beer bottles requires the cleanliness of the bottles to directly affect the quality of beer. There should be no cross infection in the process of cleaning bottles, and the cleaning rate should meet the requirements of beer bottle washing. According to the above requirements, the whole machine adopts the structure of two ends, and two bottles are in and out. Multi-tank segmented immersion and internal and external spray cleaning are used in the washing process. In the marking process, the outer marking is used, the bottle bottom box is stainless steel, and the cleaning and sterilization line system will be provided separately.

2. Capping after filling

Capping is a critical process in beer forming and capping. In this process, in addition to solving the general problem of beer filling, we also need to solve the secondary pollution between the bottle, the lid and the beer during filling. Therefore, the internal and external structure of the entire combiner, the setting of the filling process route, the conveying of the bottle cap system, and the setting of the CIP cleaning system must meet the requirements of beer bottle production.

3. Requirements for the working environment of beer filling

The beer bottling environment not only imposes strict requirements on bottling equipment, but also imposes strict environmental sanitation requirements on bottling workshops and filling areas. It is recommended to use epoxy resin floors for clean rooms to avoid residual bacteria in the construction joints of floor tiles. In this way, the air in the filling area is kept clean, the equipment is clean, and the site environment is clean, which provides a reliable environmental guarantee for beer filling. In this case, the bottling system still needs to be equipped with a dust cover and a bottom sterilization tank to allow clean bottles to enter the filling and capping machine.


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