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Possible problems in the use of beer fermentation tanks

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The beer fermenter is one of the most important components in beer brewing equipment. They are widely used in most breweries today, but there may be some potential issues due to the design, manufacture, installation, etc. of the fermenter.

Beer frozen

There are two main reasons may cause beer frozen:

  • the temperature of the glycol liquid is too cold.

  • The glycol jacket based on a unreasonable design.

So generally the glycol water better controlled during -4~-6 degree, maximum cannot exceed -8 degree. Besides, the glycol inlet should away from the low temperature area of the big conical fermenters.

Bacteria Contamination

  • The superficial area of fermentation tank is too big, so it is easily being contaminated if without reasonable cleaning.

  • The fermenters with many outside piping connections. So please pay more attention to the cleaning and sterilization for all the ports.

  • The feeding or aeration during fermentation may bring in the infectious microbe.

Air leakage

The leakage is common phenomenon during the tanks manufacturing, so the strictly testing is must needed before delivery. And leakage will cause a low CO2 content in beer. The vacuum relief valve, sealing gasket etc should also being checked frequently during operation.

Instrumental error

The errors mostly shows on temperature, liquid level, pressure gauge etc. So it is better to use higher quality parts when buying your beer brewery equipment; checking and revising the instruments regularly.


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