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Piping design of the brewhouse

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Now more and more brewmasters start taking brewhouse operating into consideration. They want to make it easy operating, simple and convenience. Usually we have 3 types of configuration for operating the brewhouse. For all 3 types of configuration, we will control the brewhouse include motor, pump etc by control cabinet. Then one difference is about the valves: manual valves and pneumatic valves.

About the brewhouse with manual valves, there have 2 types.

The first type is brewhouse with control mainfold. It is easy to operate, but the piping is more complicated. And it is suitable for 2 vessel brewhouse. For example MLT+KWT (mash/lauter tank+kettle/whirlpool tank).

The second type is brewhouse without control mainfold. It is more suitable for brewhoue with three vessel or four vessel. You know for three vessel or four vessel brewhouse, there have more points need to connect with piping than two vessel. If we still have control mainfold, the plumbing will be more complicated. Each piping will gather to control mainfold from the all vessels that lengthen the piping--the lengthened piping will store more wort that is not good. If we do not have the control mainfold, the piping just need to connecting each point and the plumbing layout also clear.

The last one is brewhouse with pneumatic valves. You know when we operate the manual valves, we need to go up and down stairs, it is not convenient. Then the pneumatic vlaves will the option.  And now the control cabinet also will equip PLC. Certainly the cost will be high.

Then which one do you prefer?


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