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Malt storage and crushing

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Malt is the main material for beer brewing, usually we need to storage it a lot. So, how to store the malt? How to crush the malt?

How to store the malt:

  • The malt warehouse need to be clean, dry and well ventilated. At the same time, the floor and wall need to adopt the concrete or other building material water proof. Make the measurement to prevent the pest, mouse.

  • The malt should be store according to different variety. Don’t touch or close to the goods easy to damp, mildew. The viperous goods is not allowed strictly to touch the malt.

  • To check the temperature and water regularly. The temp need be lower 20℃, the water content lower 5%. If necessary, ventilate and lower the temp.

  • The malt entered warehouse earlier , using earlier to avoid store malt too much time, affecting the using effort.

How to crush the malt

  • Keep malt shell's integrity as much as possible. There is bitter substances in the malt shell, which will affect the beer flavor. At the same time, malt shell could form the gravity lauter layer. If the malt is crushed full, it will be difficult to lauter the wort due to ropy mash.

  • The extract of wort is mainly from endosperm. So, the endosperm should be crushed well. But it is also a relative degree. The principle is still not to cause big stickiness.

This is only an simple principle to store and crush the malt. If you want to discuss it with us together, please send the email.


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