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Is the same brand of beer better bottled or canned?

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Beer is a very popular fermented drink nowadays, and it has a long history, dating back to ancient Egypt.Beer brewing is relatively simple, with plenty of ingredients and a good taste. Until now, beer has a large number of fans all over the world.When we buy beer, we usually find that there are two kinds of beer, one is in glass bottle, and the other is in cans. So they are also beer. What's the difference?After reading it, you will understand completely.


Oxygen exhalation

Everyone knows that when you make beer, you have to add some carbon dioxide or nitrogen to pressurize it and expel the air, so as to prolong its shelf life. The glass bottle has more pressure than the can, so the oxygen is discharged more cleanly and thoroughly. And the bottle cap inside the use of a rubber ring design, better sealing, good oxygen isolation effect. So in comparison, bottled beer is significantly more oxidizing and isolating than canned beer.



The main component of glass is silicon dioxide, which is a very stable substance. In nature, very few substances can react with it, so it is often used to hold various organic solvents, including various wines. So it can actually maintain the stability of beer. The same cannot be said for a can, which is mainly packed in aluminum alloy and contains many metal components. A small amount of substances in beer can react, making the beer taste worse.


Light avoidance

Because the general beer is to protect from light, otherwise it is easy to go bad. Glass bottles are generally transparent, and although most beer bottles these days are made of tinted glass, they are less light-proof than cans. Because the can is opaque, for the preservation of beer is more beneficial, can play a good effect of avoiding light.


If you drink beer normally, you should choose the bottle first. The bottle is well insulated, and the liquor inside is more stable. Most of the beer bottles are also protected from the light, so you don't need to worry about the impact of the light on it.

Actually is also not good drink bottles of beer, of course, sometimes with some obvious bitterness, this is because the beer do the high temperature treatment, lead to the inside of the fermentation bacteria lose activity, and shows the component from being destroyed by the original, nutrition lost, really nice actually, beer is still virgin pulp without heat treatment, and no blending, not to add, full-bodied taste pure, authentic, but very short shelf life only three days.

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