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How to Use a Carbonating Stone

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Using a carbonation stone will cut down the time needed to carbonate the beer to about 1/2 hour.

  • The beer needs to be cold, between 34 and 40 °F.

  • Attach the stone so that it is at or near the bottom of the keg.

  • Start with no pressure on the regulator and increase to 1-2 psi and let sit for about 4-5 minutes. You should hear the bubbles in the keg.

  • Repeat the pressure increase in 1-2 psi increments waiting 4-5 minutes between increases until you are about 14-16 psi.

  • Try a sample glass. If this is the desired carbonation level, you can either remove or leave in the stone and back pressure down to serving psi. If not, keep increasing the psi in 1-2 psi increments till you get your desired level.


How to clean the carbonation stone.

  • Carbonation stone should be installed perpendicularly. Please check if the seal is placed correctly before installation.

  • For the thread connection, make sure the seal ring is sealed to avoid falling off, but overexertion is forbidden when installing the nut.

  • 15-20 minutes cleaning is needed after installation.

  • The operation pressure should be controlled between 0.15-0.25Mpa. Bigger pressure will add the difficulty of back flushing. The operation pressure should be added gradually, rapid pressurization is forbidden.

  • We suggest back flushing every time using, the cleaning time is 10-20mins. The back flushing pressure should be added gradually, rapid pressurization is forbidden.

  • The Ultrasonic cleaning or chemical cleaning should be adopted for serious block. 5% NaOH or 5% Nitric Acid Solution under 40 C temp is good in cleaning after testing.

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