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How to Tell the Difference Between a Good Brew and a Bad Brew

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How to distinguish between good beer and bad beer brewed by beer equipment. Beer is an alcohol favored by consumers, so do you know how to distinguish good beer from bad beer?

Check the color: observe the transparency and foam, pour the beer into a clean, dry, colorless and transparent glass. Light yellow beer should be bluish golden yellow, not dark; yellow beer should be light yellow or greenish light yellow, preferably light color, not dark brown; dark beer should be dark red or Dark brown instead of dark brown, light red or brown. But all of these require liquor to be transparent, transparent, shiny, free of suspended matter and sediment. For high-quality beer, the height of the foam when poured into the glass should not be less than 3 cm, and the foam is white and delicate, and can last for more than 4 to 5 minutes to disappear. Inferior beer has a low rise in foam. The foam is light yellow, rough, not long lasting or no foam or spray foam.

Smell the aroma: high-quality beer should have obvious malt aroma and hop-specific aroma; inferior beer, malt aroma and hop aroma are not obvious; poor quality, usually not only without malt and hop aroma, but even with the original taste of wine, Aged smell and other unusual aromas.

Taste the taste: take a sip of beer, put it in your mouth, and then check the quality of its taste and smell. High-quality beer has a refreshing taste, no peculiar smell or astringency. Like yellow beer, it is bitter and refreshing. Red beer tastes bitter at first, but it has a sweet aftertaste. The taste of dark beer is strong and strong. Inferior beer and inferior beer not only taste flat, but also have a bitter taste. Some beer will have the smell of yeast, immature beer and other peculiar smells.


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