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How to maintain the steam boiler?

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For the steam-heated beer developing system, the heavy steam boiler is a crucial unit in the brewery equipment. As all of us recognize, vapor boilers are high-pressure vessels. Just how to maintain the vapor boiler will aid us to much better mixture beer?

  • The central heating boiler water have to be softened water that satisfies the standard. Before servicing the vapor boiler, the power must be turned off and the stress in the steam boiler must be launched.

  • The water has to be drained everyday to ensure that the water in the vapor central heating boiler is tidy.

  • Check the procedure standing of key elements such as power transmission line, water pump, control panel, pressure switch box, safety and security shutoff, etc. If a problem is located, the cause should be located and fixed in time.

  • The central heating boiler needs to be internally cleansed every six months or a year to guarantee its working effectiveness and also life span.

  • The water level scale must constantly be kept tidy as well as cleaned once daily to ensure that the water level is plainly visible.

  • Rotate the safety valve manage once a day to prevent rust.

  • When the central heating boiler stops running for a long period of time, the power supply ought to be removed. The water in the boiler and also pipes ought to be drained to avoid cold as well as rust.


  • On a regular basis tighten the linking screw on the home heating pipeline and also the nut on the flange.

  • Preserve normal evaluation of heavy steam central heating boiler devices by listening, scenting, seeing as well as touching. If you discover any kind of problems, shut off the power instantly as well as execute fixings.

  • The home heating tube is simple to scale in the steam central heating boiler, especially the water is more challenging as well as much easier to scale. The screws on the flange should be tightened up continuously to avoid water leak.

  • When the central heating boiler is not being used, please removed the power, open the control board, and inspect all electric components, such as circuit breakers, contactors, and so on. Tighten up loose components.

  • The electric control board will not touch with water, heavy steam, flammable and also eruptive gases. When the central heating boiler is running, shut the door of the electric control panel.

  • The crystalline coarse salt with a purity of at the very least 99.5% need to be contributed to the demineralized brine tank. Making use of fine salt is strictly forbidden. Crystalline coarse salt speeds up.

  • The water temperature for softening equipment is 5 to 45 degrees celsius, and the water stress is 0.15 to 0.6 Mpa.

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