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How to Choose Glycol Chiller for Your Brewery

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As we all know, the glycol chilling unit is an essential part to drive the smooth running of breweries.  To get a mature and nice beer, an adequate and timely supply of cold water is indispensable in many brewing process like dropping the temperature of wort in heat exchanger and fermenters without delay. Therefore, choose a suitable size and number of glycol chiller is another important factor we need to consider in the whole preparing process.

So how to choose suitable glycol chillers for your brewery?

There are always clients ask the question of why we suggested 2 sets of chillers for them.

For example, 2 sets of 5HP chillers vs 1 set of 10HP one, we would always advise to use 2 sets of 5HP chillers, main reasons below:

  • First and foremost, it is for saving your energy.

Let’s take a 500L micro brewery system with 6 fermenters as example.

Sometimes when proceeding with multi-batch brewing, the 6 fermenters might need to be cooling at the same time, the demand for cold water is relatively large and it is better to keep the two chillers running at the same time.


  • Secondly, for emergency situations.

The other important reason why we should choose 2 sets of chiller is to avoid the situations of one of the chiller failed to work. As we know the fermenters need to be cooled down immediately whenever we receive the signal of lowering temperature, otherwise the quality and flavor of beer will be affected. In case there is some emergency situations of one chiller broke down, we still have the other one could keep supplying cold water.

We deeply understand that it is not easy to run a brewery with all aspects to balance, so we’d love to do our best to support you with your project, as we always insisted-------it’s all in the details.

Please feel free to contact me for more interested details!


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