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How to buy a still

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We understand how intimidating buying a still and distillation equipment can be, especially if you’re a novice. That’s why our primary focus is a premium customer service and helping you find the right still for all your distillation needs.

There are numerous stories from customers who have purchased stills from popular shopping web sites and have been disappointed with the quality of the stills or distillation equipment. The lack of follow up and bad customer service is often the case when purchasing stills directly from an overseas manufacturer. At DEGONG we take care of all the annoying import paperwork for you, delivering premium quality China copper stills directly to your door. We provide updates as to the whereabouts and status of your still while it is en route, and are there to help with any questions you may have regarding assembly and maintenance after you have received your order. We encourage all our customers to stay in touch. We would love to hear success stories concerning use of our equipment and invite all our customers to share their experience on our TESTIMONIALS page. When you buy a still from DEGONG, you’re not just making a purchase…you are starting a relationship.

Compare our stills with other similar products available on the market today and the difference becomes clear. That difference is quality, both in the raw copper material used in construction, and the ultra-fine craftsmanship incorporated to put it all together.

Which still is right for me?

We offer copper stills with capacities ranging from 1.5 liters (.4 gallons) all the way up 200 liters (53 gallons). We also produce industrial models with capacities up to 2000 liters (530 gallons). But if you are in the market for one of the big boys, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

So you’ve decided to join the ever growing craft distillation movement and purchase a still from DEGONG but can’t decide which size is right for you. That can be a dilemma considering the options and corresponding differences in price. We shall try to lay out some guidelines here that should help you.

With the decision making progress and make sure that the still you purchase is the right one for you and which best suits your specific needs. These guidelines are based on personal experience (we are both avid distillers ourselves), as well as customer feedback and advice from old-timers with decades in the industry. Let’s break it down by still category and then talk about what level of distiller they would best be suited for.

Hobby Models

Our Hobby Model Stills come in 1.5 liter (.4 gal), 10 liter (2.6 gal) and 30 liter (8 gal) sizes. These are definitely the best option for a novice distiller just looking to get into the hobby with little to no experience. The 1.5 and 10 liter models even make great decorations for any man cave, bar or restaurant. But just because they make great decorations doesn’t mean that they are not functional too. In the proper hands, all of our stills operate like a Swiss clock, regardless of the size.

So who might be interested in the Super Mini 1.5 liter? The cost of GOOD equipment could be a preventative factor for many people looking to join the growing home distillation movement. If you are not sure how far you are willing to take it but want to give it a try, then the Super Mini is a great way to start to get acquainted with the process and to see if it’s for you at all without breaking the bank. It’s also popular with our customers who have a lot of wine lying around and would prefer to distill it into brandy. The desired result can be achieved without the burden of a large initial investment.

Everything mentioned above that applies to the Super Mini 1.5 liter still applies to the 10 Liter Hobby Model as well. It’s really just a question of scaling up the size and production capacity. The 10 liter hasthe added bonus of being able to be heated on a gas stove top right in the kitchen. Our 30 Liter Hobby Model is a little different. First of all it has the option of coming with a furnace capable of accepting both solid fuel (i.e. wood or charcoal), or a gas burner as a heat source. Keep in mind that the 10 liter can be heated only with a gas burner and the super mini can even use a candle! The 30 Liter Hobby Model that is manufactured with a furnace for a gas burner can ONLY be heated with a gas burner. All our stills that are manufactured with a solid fuel furnace 30 liters and larger are all capable of being heated either with solid fuel or gas, but the gas furnace versions accept gas fuel heating only.


Tipper Models

Our Tipper Model Stills are available in 60 liter (16 gal.), 80 liter (21 gal.) and 100 liter (26.5 gal) capacities. The 60 liter has proven to be our most popular still to date. Our customers find it has the right balance of price and scale for either an upgrade from a smaller or poorer quality still or as an entry level still for someone who knows they are serious about the hobby. It’s small enough to be used in an urban environment yet large enough to distill larger quantities in fewer “batches”. Perfect for homesteaders and off-gridders on a budget with some extra second or third class fruit after all the jam and preserves have been cooked and jarred. It is available both with and without a mixer and can be heated either with solid fuel or a gas burner.

Our 80 and 100 liter Tipper Models are just like the 60 liter model only scaled up in size. Whether you are distilling water, alcohol or fuel alcohol, the 80 and 100 liter models will allow the operator to distill more product in less time. For the distiller approaching it as a hobby it might not make much of a difference and the additional expense may not be worth it. On the other hand, for someone who is short on time because of all the other responsibilities on the farm or homestead, one of these larger models may well be worth the additional investment.

Stable Models

Our Stable Model Pot Stills are available in 120 liter (32 gal), 160 liter (42 gal), and 200 liter (53 gal) capacities. These are serious pieces of distillation equipment which we would not recommend for the novice or entry level distiller. These are meant for serious distillers with a certain level of experience. All of the Stable Model stills come with a built in mixer standard, as well as fill and discharge ports which allow for quick emptying and filling of the still between batches. If you are an experienced distiller looking for a high quality still and have literally tons of material to distill, then a larger Stable Model is by far the best option. These larger models have been popular with farmers, homesteaders and off-gridders who are tired of just throwing unsellable or unusable second and third class fruit into the compost pile or watching it rot before the livestock can eat it. Any fruit farmer or orchard owner with some distillation experience and 100+ trees should consider one of these larger Stable Models.

We also offer a 350 liter (92.5 gal) Industrial Stable Model Still. This is our largest production model still. A legitimate small scale craft micro-distillery business can be built around this still. It comes complete with an electric motor attached to the mixer for constant mixing of the mash inside the still and every possible accessory for larger scale production and ease of use, including hydrometer, saccharometer, proofing parrot, copper mash funnel and 20 liter (5.3 gal) copper cauldron for catching the distillate. This is a complete set up, not for the novice inexperienced distiller or the faint of heart!


Industrial Distillery Models

These stills are not production models. They are custom made to order and can range in size from 120 liter (32 gal) column stills to 2000 liter (528 gal) column stills. Completely customizable to the customer’s specific needs there are far too many options, combinations and possibilities to list here. These are meant for both micro and large scale distilleries looking to distribute their product to the public at large. Clean systems allow them to be cleaned without ever having to be disassembled and can be heated with a 3-phase electrical heating system. The purchase of two or more of these stills and a specialist team will arrive on site for assembly included in the price. Contact us for further information on Industrial Distillery Model Stills.

Buying a still is much easier than you think!

You can order directly online or email kate and we would be happy to process your order for you. Satisfaction guaranteed!


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