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How is the taste of beer defined?

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As the oldest alcoholic beverage of human, "beer" is the third most consumed beverage in the world after water and tea. It has always been called "liquid bread", which shows that people cherish and prefer it.


With the development of social history and the expansion of beer knowledge, people’s description of its "flavor" has become more precise and accurate


From the three perspectives of "taste", "smell" and "mouthfeel", the flavor of beer mainly includes the following aspects:

(1) Bitterness, sweetness, sourness, etc.

(2) Grain fragrance, nut fragrance , fruit fragrance, floral fragrance, herbal fragrance, caramel fragrance, phenol fragrance, etc.

(3) Refreshing, mellow, cool, burning, smooth, refreshing, astringent, endless aftertaste, etc.


Refreshing beer means that the beer is light-bodied and has a clear taste. If you think the snowflakes and Qingdao beer that you can usually drink are good, it means that the taste of your favorite beer is clean and clear.You can try Helles (Munich Clear Lager), it tastes dry and refreshing, and has a strong taste


Malt aroma

The beer with outstanding malt flavor has a slightly heavier body and the aroma of toasted graham bread, which is similar to the aroma of medium-baked malt, so you can try Amber Lager, Amber Ale, Scottish Ale, American wheat.  


Burnt aroma

If you like the burnt aroma of malt, then the roasted dark malt and beer brewed from black malt are the best for you! For example, Schwarzbier and Dunkel, you can also try very unique smoked Rauchbier, as well as the British Porter and stout, also exuding a rich and mellow burnt aroma.



If you want to drink a fruity beer, I recommend you to try German weizen/weissen/hefe-weizen as a start. Not only can you drink the aroma of wheat, you can also drink the banana flavor of iconic Bavarian yeast .


If you want a very fruity taste, try fruity beer! For example, a series of fruit beers (Kriek Creek, Raspberry Framboise) produced by Lindemann Brewery, juice is added during fermentation, which makes the beer taste very soft and fruity. And it is very suitable for students who can't beat alcohol.


You can also try Belgian pale ale, which has a hint of apple, pear, and plum aromas.


There is also Belgian witbier, which add coriander and orange peel when brewing, so you can feel the fragrance of citrus when you drink it.

 Fruit Beers


For those who like bitterness, most of the IPA and Abbey beer belong to you. Because the materials are very abundant, these have a strong bitter taste.

ipa beer



In recent years, sour beer has indeed become more and more popular, and many domestic breweries have launched their own sour beer. However, there are still some thresholds for drinking sour beer, as if the cold beer in the addition of two aged vinegar, sour taste prominent.


If you like sour beer, the entry level is goose flavored with coriander seeds and salt. Compared to other sour beers, gose is very light on us. You can also try wild beer , sour saison , lambic fermented for many years in wooden barrels, and Geuze made from a blend of lambic of different years.

Gose beer

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