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How Do Adjuncts Affect Beer?

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If breweries used the same four essential ingredients over and over again, also with the exact measurements, the beer would only taste the same. Honestly, where is the fun in that? Beer lovers want options!

Fortunately, breweries have adjuncts to back them up with their beer experiments. Let’s discuss how adjuncts change beer using the two significant effects.

Added nutritional values

People sometimes consider beer as liquor bread. They make this comparison because of the nutritional value that beers can give to the body. Although, they vary for each type or kind of beer. The breweries can also control the number of nutrients in a beer bottle.

Nevertheless, here is the list of essential nutrients all beers have. These are the benchmark since these nutrients come from the primary ingredients.

  • Potassium

  • Selenium

  • Phosphorus

  • Magnesium

  • Biotin

  • Chromium

  • B vitamins

These nutrients can still be enhanced if adjuncts are added to the beer. Moreover, other adjuncts improve the value and add additional nutrients. For example, Guinness beer with lots of unmalted barley is considered a beer with the highest fiber level.

Added Flavors and taste

This effect is very self-explanatory. Adjuncts improve and add flavor to the beer. Actually, if there are no adjuncts, beer is just plain beer. Breweries will have the same recipes; hence there’ll be no variety of choices for the mass market.

Check out this list for examples of adjuncts and their corresponding taste or flavor.

  • Lactose- extra sweetness

  • Coffee grounds- roasted flavors

  • Chili pepper- sweet and hot balance

  • Ginger- less sweet but strong flavor

  • Nutmeg- spice

  • Brewer’s yeast- distinct sour taste

  • Cherries and raspberry- fruity and sour flavors

  • Flaked oats- silky mouthfeel

  • Rye- spice


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