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Filter operation and regeneration

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The filter system for fresh beer normally install near with filling machine, the beer which transfer from bright beer tank after filtered by membrane filter system, then go into filling machine for filling. The process of filter and regeneration as follows:

  • Clean. Before filtration, it need to go through cleaning with sterilize cold water and hot water. The hot water temperature at about 80℃-85℃.

  • Completely testing. Filling CO2 to 0.12Mpa at last filter, after 10 minutes, inspect lower value for pressure not over 0.007Mpa than can produce.

  • Starting filter. Pre-filter and final filter reserve pressure to 0.25Mpa, then filter successively for beer.

  • Change line. In the process of producing, you should observe the filter pressure frequently. We need to change the line immediately if the pressure reach 0.05Mpa, then clean the filter element in forward direction with cold water and warm water for multi times until the pressure difference lower 0.05Mpa.

  • Stop filtering. Stop beer supplying firstly, then stop membrane filter system, in case the unfiltered beer go through by side way.

  • Regeneration. After finish producing fresh beer, with ordinary CIP cleaning, then regeneration. Open manual sample valve when cleaning and sterilize sample valve.

  • Reserve CO2. After finish regeneration, reserve pressure to 0.1 Mpa with CO2 and please notice keep CO2 pressure.

  • Steam piping sterilization. One time every week, drain out condensate water in the steam piping firstly before sterilization, open manual valve for steam inlet and start sterilization procedure after steam out.


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