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Different Types of Beer Bottle Labels

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There's no denying that the craft brew industry is ever-growing. As the demand from consumers continues to increase, so does the amount of craft brew products entering the market each year. If you are new to the industry, you may be realizing that you need to find a way to make your product stand out from your competitors.

After you have perfected your beer brewing process, you’re probably feeling more excited to get your product into the hands of consumers. However, completing this process is much more complicated than it may seem. First, you are going to have to choose how you would like to package your product, whether that be in a can, bottle, or another container. Next, you will need to create a beautifully designed product label. Then, you will need to choose the type of label you are going to use, the materials for the labels, and a great labeling partner to help you get the job done.

For someone who is just entering the craft brew process for the first time, this process may seem confusing and overwhelming. However, each step of this process is critical when it comes to helping your product stand out on the shelf. Consumers want to enjoy high-quality beer products. However, they are not able to taste the product inside of the bottle before bringing it home to enjoy. This means that having a luxurious feeling bottle and a beautifully designed product label is very important when it comes to standing out to potential customers.

With more craft brew products hitting the market every year, finding ways to ensure that your product stands out from your competitors may seem intimidating. However, ensuring that you have a great label design that is applied correctly to your beer bottles is a great way to start. Choosing the right label for your product can be a difficult task, which is why we wanted to help you get started on the right track by weighing the pros and cons of different types of beer bottle labels.

Hand Labels

When you are first launching your product, you may be feeling tempted to get the job done on your own. Bottle labels are available for purchase at many different online retailers. However, while this may seem like a quick and easy option, they are not as great of an option as you may think.


  • These labels are inexpensive and easy to find with one google search, as they are available at many different online retailers.

  • Many premade bottle labels offer customizable options, allowing you to include your label design at the time of purchase.

  • If you are looking to create your labels by hand rather than using premade templates, you will be able to choose the exact materials of your choice.


  • While they may be convenient, the application process is not professional. Choosing premade labels and applying them by hand is not a consistent process, which will not make your product stand out from the rest. Inaccurately applying labels by hand leads to wasted money and product.

  • Choosing a premade template to label your beer bottle with does not allow you to hand-select the label and adhesive materials. These materials are often low quality, which could lead to your labels peeling, tearing, or bubbling once applied.

  • If you choose to customize your label at the time of purchase, there is a high risk of your beautifully designed label arriving not up to standards. Your design may come out blurry, cut off, or inaccurate.

Front and Back Labels

Front and back labels are a great option for beer bottle labels. This type of label allows you to show off more of your product inside the bottle, while also showcasing your wonderful design. This style of label is very common for craft brew products.


  • Front and back labels are able to display both your beer product and your label design, as it does not take up as much space on the container.

  • If you’re looking to have a more unique label shape, front and back labels are generally more customizable and are a great fit for die cuts.

  • Less material waste is produced when compared to other label types.


  • They use adhesive, which could lead to your label peeling or falling off.

  • Compared to using a shrink sleeve labeler for craft brew packaged in cans, paper labels could be more prone to tear.

  • If you are looking to include a more complex design for your label’s artwork, front and back labels may not be able to showcase the entire piece.


Wrap Around Labels

Wrap around labels are beer bottle labels that simply wrap around the entire bottle. Within the craft brew industry, these are also common beer labels.


  • Wrap around labels are a classic and traditional style of label used in the beer industry. Using these labels can help potential customers feel familiar with your product.

  • These beer labels are very efficient, allowing for your labels to be applied correctly and quickly compared to doing it yourself.

  • Wrap around labeling machines use less product compared to shrink sleeve labelers for beer cans, which leads to you ultimately saving money.


  • When using this style for your beer labels it is important to keep in mind that it could be harder to get a unique label shape.

  • Like front and back labelers, they also use adhesive, which may lead to your labels peeling or tearing.

  • Wrap around labels often cover most of your beer bottle, which does not allow for consumers to view your actual product as easily.


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