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Control Cabinets for Nano/Micro Breweries

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Usually, if one customer is new for craft beer brewing industry, he would think the control should be full automatic. As long as you press one button, the brewing process will go on automatically and you can get the beer without any other work. Of course, it is able to achieve in industrial brewery. But, for nano or micro brewery, 200-5000L, semi-automatic control panel is the most suitable.

Firstly, for nano/micro brewery, the beer recipe is really various. Even, some experienced brewers would pilot new recipe in their brewery. Different recipes means different brewing method. Compared with full-automatic control panel, Semi-automatic type is more flexible. The brewer can make adjustment and change freely according to different brewing method.

Secondly, in craft beer brewing, we can not ignore the brewer behavior. Sometimes, although it is one same recipe, the beer flavor will be different if different brewers brew. So, most of brewers would like to join in the brewing to keep the beer meet their intention. Semi-automatic control panel can help the brewer join in the actual brewing and get various flavor beer. But, for full-automatic control brewery, what can the brewer do?

Thirdly, in full-automatic brewery, once one program does not work by accident, the next program will be affected deeply if the brewer can not find the problem timely.

Fourthly, the cost of full-automatic control panel is much more expensive than semi-automatic type, even exceeds the total cost of other equipment possibly.

Therefore, we recommend semi-automatic control panel for your nano/micro brewery.

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