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Considerations when buying beer brewing equipment

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1.Brewhouse unit

  • At present, the hotel bar craft beer brewery equipment is mainly based on two vessel, saying one mash/lauter tun, one kettle/whirlpool tun. If the budget is enough, it is recommended to add a hot water tank to help sparging. The volume of the hot liquor tank can be single batch or double batch of the MLT. If you plan to brew multiple batches a day, don't hesitate, a 3 Vessel of 4 Vessel brewhouse equipment would help you a lot.

  • It is recommended to use a flat bottom lauter tun with a wort collection ring and anti rinser pipeline, as well as a false bottom that is easy to disassemble. After each brewing batch, the false bottom should be taken out, washed and dried. Craft beer brewers in Europe and the United States often disassemble and wash the false bottom, because there is a place where dirt is easy to hide, and it is usually invisible. In summer, it will breed bacteria in half a day.

  • The heating method of the brewery equipment is also very important. The best choice for steam heating is that the heating surface of the steam heating is uniform, and the color of the wort will not be too deep, it is good for wort quality .

2.Fermentation tank

  • If you have enough budget for brewery project, please add side manholes or top manhole, bunging valve, breath relief valve, sampling valves, laser welding jackets, dry hopping port with hop doser directly.

  • The most important thing is the material and thickness of the raw material. The use pressure of the fermentation tank exceeds 1 bar, which should belong to the category of pressure vessels. At the same time, the temperature generated during use is too high, too low, the pressure is too high, and the acid and alkali will cause fatigue of the steel plate. That would influence the lifetime of fermenters. The thickness of the inner shell of the capacity above 500L should not be less than 3 mm, the thickness of the glycol jacket should be 1.5 mm, and the thickness of the external shell should be at 2 mm. If your fermenter finds a leak after a year of use, it is possible that the manufacturer did not use a steel plate with sufficient thickness, or the welding workers are too poor, and the welding is seriously oxidized.



The work of the chillers is very, very important. The preservation of all craft beer is inseparable from low temperature, especially lager beer needs low temperature. Once the chiller got any problem, the temperature of all beers will rise, which will seriously affect the beer quality. So you will find that we generally recommend two sets, such as using two 5HP instead of one 8HP. When you are not under busy brewing days, you can turn on only one set, and these two chillers could work alternatively, it is also good for chiller life time.

4.Steam Boiler

It is recommended to use large or famous brands in this line of business. If you know any good boiler supplier at local, we suggest you to get it from local, that would avoid any further certificate problem or after sale problem etc. At the same time, the use of boilers must be equipped with softened water device. Otherwise, the scale in the boiler will be full in a few months, which will seriously affect the safety.

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