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Classification of fruit wines and characteristics of fruit wines

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In many fruit wines, each fruit wine has different nutrients in it, and there are many kinds of fruit wine. How to classify and understand the characteristics of each fruit wine? Now let the fruit wine equipment manufacturer to take you to understand the classification of fruit wine and the characteristics of fruit wine.

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Classification of fruit wine

A low-alcohol beverage wine made from fruit by fermentation. There are three key points, one is "using fruit as raw material", the second is "fermentation", and the third is "low-alcohol beverage wine". This is actually "fermented fruit wine", that is, the so-called "real fruit wine". However, from the point of view of marketing and consumer understanding, there are many varieties of fruit wine and there are different classification methods.


Generally, according to the brewing method, the use of raw materials and the characteristics of wine, it can be divided into fruit fermented wine, fruit distilled wine and fruit wine.

1. Fruit fermented wine: a low alcohol wine produced by direct fermentation of fruit juice or pulp.

2. Fruit distilled liquor: it is made by distilling the fruit after alcohol fermentation and extracting its alcohol components and volatile aromatic substances.

There are two production methods of fruit distilled wine: liquid distillation and solid fermentation distillation. Liquid distillation uses the fruit wine after fermentation as raw material and is distilled in a distiller. Solid fermentation distillation is made by direct fermentation of fruits containing sugar or starch, together with pericarp, core, pomace and so on.

3. Fruit preparation wine A kind of fruit fermented wine or distilled wine, which is called mixed wine by adding other ingredients. There are many kinds of wine, which can be divided into reproducing wine and preparing wine according to the preparation method.

Remade wine is made from a certain fruit fermented wine by adding plant spices or other ingredients.

The preparation of wine is made from a certain distilled wine by adding fruit juice or fruit, pericarp, medicinal herbs, flowers and other leached juice.


The characteristics of fruit wine

The so-called fruit wine is a low-alcohol beverage wine made from fruit by fermentation. the alcohol content is generally about 12% Vol. It is mainly composed of sugars, organic acids, esters and vitamins in addition to ethanol. Fruit wine has the characteristics of low alcohol, high nutrition and brain fitness, which can promote blood circulation and metabolism, control the level of cholesterol in the body, improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular function, and has the effects of diuresis, stimulating liver function and anti-aging.


Fruit wine contains a lot of polyphenols, which can inhibit the accumulation of fat in the human body. With the improvement of people's living standards and higher requirements for the quality of life, more and more attention has been paid to the advantages and unique efficacy of fruit wine.


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