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Beer Conditioning and Beer Pasteurization

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Beer Conditioning

Beer Conditioning is how beer is carbonated and it can affect the final beer flavor greatly during the whole brewing process.

As we all know, during primary fermentation, the yeast converts sugars into alcohol and CO2 which is allowed to escape. In order to reach a suitable level of carbonation, brewers must facilitate higher pressures after primary fermentation. In order to achieve this, nowadays, most of microbrewery would fill CO2 into a tank through carbonation stone until it dissolves in the beer. This method is a good way to dial in specific carbonation levels for brews that need to get on the shelves quickly. Not only does carbonation contribute to a mouthfeel, but also can it mute flavors and help a beer develop new tastes upon aging. Simple speaking, beer must be flat without conditioning.

Beer Pasteurization

The purpose of the beer pasteurization is to make sure beer with a good biological stability.So it is to benefit of long time save.Beer pasteurization require that it should proceed pasteurization at a lowest temperature and shortest time.It can kill the pollution biology bacteria which exist in the beer probably.

Usually there is two kinds of pasteurization method.One is done before filling the bottle,and the second is done after bottling.

Do pasteurization before bottling is also called flash pasteurization.Usually it uses the heat exchanger to realize beer heating and cooling.When proceed the flash beer pasteurization,the beer is heated to 68℃-72℃, at the same time, keep this temperature about 50s,and then cooling down the temperature to the initial stage temperature.Since the flash pasteurization need small brewery area,and equipment cost less,energy cost less etc.advantage,it is popular in many breweries.

Do pasteurization after bottling called tunnel sterilization.it is made of many sets tunnel sterilization machine.In this combined machine,it is divided into some different temperature areas.the bottled beer go through these different temperature area:preheat------Heat sterilization---cooling stage-----go outside of the Tunnel sterilization machine.

The difference between flash pasteurization and Tunnel sterilization is that ,the bottle and bottled beer proceed sterilization at the same time in the Tunnel sterilization.Obviously that Tunnel sterilization can also get reliable effect.


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