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Additional Configurations for Beer Brewing Equipment

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Indoor exhaust device

The secondary steam in the saccharification process and boiling process can be discharged indoors to reduce the environmental pollution caused by the direct emptying of the secondary steam and purify the indoor air. The waste heat of the secondary steam discharged indoors can also be recovered and converted into hot water for use. The hot water can be put into the hot water tank for the next saccharification and washing of wheat grains, so as to achieve the purpose of saving energy. The indoor exhaust device can also make the saccharification space free of steam and dripping water, so as to optimize the working environment. Reduce the cost of discharge pipeline and save cost.

The indoor exhaust device of saccharification system is suitable for restaurants, bars and other places where the relative space is relatively sealed and the steam is not easy to be discharged.

Feed water mixer

When the crushed malt powder falls into the saccharification pot, the slurry mixing water with automatic temperature adjustment is added into the mixing chamber according to a certain proportion. Through the material water distribution of the umbrella structure, the malt powder and slurry mixing water are evenly mixed, and then directly sent to the saccharification pot. The material liquid mixing ratio and slurry temperature meet the process requirements at one time, It can fully reduce the easy agglomeration of malt powder during feeding, reduce the material loss in the production process, and improve the uniformity and stability of saccharification operation.

Filter tank ring-shaped washing pipe

When washing grains in small filter tanks, cleaning balls or double umbrella flow plates are usually used to wash grains. Since the cleaning balls or double umbrella flow plates are eccentrically arranged in the filter tank, the process of washing the grains will have a certain impact on the grains. The filtering speed and filtering quality are affected. After being changed to a ring-shaped washing pipe, the spent grains can be washed evenly, and the filtering speed and quality of filtered wort can be improved.

Filter trough wort collection pipe and sieve plate backwash pipe

The evenly distributed wort collection port and collection tube at the bottom of the filter tank can make the wort filter evenly, reduce the short-circuit phenomenon of wort caused by the unevenness of each part of the wort filter, and improve the filtering effect. The evenly distributed sieve plate at the bottom of the filter tank The flushing pipeline can flush the filter screen evenly, reduce pollution caused by improper flushing of the screen, improve the use effect of the filter tank, and ensure the quality of filtered wort.


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