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Adding a revenue stream to your brewery or distillery?

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What do beer and whisky have in common? Both come from grains. What do wine and brandy have in common? Both come from fruit. If you're already producing beer or wine, you've already done 80% of the job of making a good whiskey or a good brandy. Adding a distilling business to your brewery or distillery can not only be used as a new revenue stream, but it can also restore expired, substandard or overproduced beer and wine in your brewery.

Two main types of equipment can be found in brewery, winery: mash barrels and fermentation tanks.

Mash barrels: Brewers use mash barrels to make wort from barley, and brewers use mash barrels to make washings. Same equipment, very similar starting materials, different results.

Fermentation Vessel: Fermentation is used for all 3 operations. If your winery or brewery is already up and running, you can still use whatever stainless steel, conical, temperature-controlled fermenters you already have in operation. They are likely the same state-of-the-art equipment that modern stills are using.


DEGONG fermentation tanks

To turn your wort, saignee, wine or beer into spirits, you will need to add a still with whisky heads and/or stubs. High towers are the best choice for vodka production to reduce the number of production runs to achieve the necessary purity.

The downside of start-up distilleries that rely solely on spirits to generate revenue is that they are relatively unknown. Therefore, it may take some time to develop enough traction to start generating revenue. On the other hand, an existing brewery or distillery already has an established customer base. This advantage cannot be overemphasized. If your existing brewery business is covering your fixed costs, it makes good business sense to install an additional revenue stream. The ROI should be especially quick if you're turning out-of-spec material from a cost center into a profitable product.

Distillation systems for spirits production don't cost that much relative to the tanks needed to make beer to feed the stills. Having said that, it is best to confirm all existing utility capacity to ensure adequate supply of new stills without breaking out of primary mode as a brewery or distillery. We have several different models that can be customized to meet your production needs and thus expand your existing business.

If you're looking to get more out of your existing losses, get in touch so we can help you get started!


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