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What are the three aspects to start with when tasting wine?

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I believe that everyone, like me, drinks beer in one go, and few people have a good taste of it. So what aspects should we start with when tasting craft beer?Today, let me introduce to you which three aspects to start from.

1. From the appearance point of view

(1) Wine head

The tip of the beer is foam.After the beer is poured into the cup, is the foam rich?What is the shape and durability of the foam?The foam in beer is formed by the reaction of protein in malt with hops and yeast.Different types of beer will form different forms of foam. The foam of some beer is sizzling and constantly breaking and disappearing. Some foams are delicate and white like a thick layer of cream, while some foams are large and small and the surface of the tip is uneven.When you drink, you should also observe whether the foam of the beer can hang in the cup and whether it can form a beautiful skirt on the wall of the cup.

(2) Color gloss

Depending on the type, the color of beer can range from light yellow to amber to dark black, craft beer, but compared with the same type of beer you have drunk before, is the color lighter or thicker?In addition to the color, what is the gloss of the beer?Is it clear and translucent, slightly precipitated or turbid?Generally speaking, Pilsner beer should be clear and translucent, while unfiltered German wheat beer (Hefeweizen) is precipitated or turbid.In addition, the precipitation of some beer at room temperature is not obvious, and when it is chilled, the precipitation will increase.

Second, from the point of view of flavor

(1) Smell the fragrance

The aroma of beer generally comes from three aspects: malt, hops and yeast.

The aromas brought by malt are mainly sweetness, biscuits, caramel, chocolate, black fruits (black plums, raisins, figs, etc.), nuts, baking, smoky and other aromas.

The aromas of hops include bitterness, citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon, orange, orange, etc.), soil, flowers, grass, herbs, pine trees, resins, spices and other aromas.

The aromas brought by yeast include sourness, stables, lipids (reflected in pleasant floral, fruity or spicy aromas) and other aromas.

The above listed are all pleasant or acceptable aromas, so are there any unpleasant aromas?Unpleasant aromas include metallic, skunk, oxidizing and so on.

In addition, craft beer equipment tells you that when you smell the aroma, you must also consider the richness of the aroma, whether the aroma is light, medium or strong.


Smelling incense is a common action when tasting some high-end liquids (manor wine, single-product coffee). In fact, there are few friends who can really smell the doorway, but usually you show such an action, and the craft brews around you will show admiration for you. .

(2) Taste

Generally, we can taste all the aromas we can smell.When we put beer in our mouths and swallow it, savor its taste carefully. Are there any aromas from malt, hops and yeast? Can the combination of these aromas bring a sense of coordination and balance?

Third, from the point of view of taste

(1) Body of wine

The body of beer refers to the weight that the tongue can feel when the wine is contained in the mouth, and its body can range from light, medium to heavy.

(2) Kill taste

The taste of beer mainly comes from the escape of carbon dioxide from the beer from the mouth. Craft beer equipment tells you that because of the high oral temperature, carbon dioxide takes away the heat of the mouth and stimulates the sensory cells in the mouth, causing a stimulating feeling.

If the carbon dioxide content in the beer is insufficient, it will lack the killing taste; on the contrary, the killing taste is full, which can bring a very refreshing and stimulating feeling.

(3) Texture

When the wind quality of beer and the taste of beer appear together, what kind of feeling can it bring?Is it a creamy feeling, silky smooth, or sticky feeling?

(4) Aftertaste

Aftertaste refers to the taste and feeling of wine remaining in the mouth after swallowing it.After swallowing the beer, what you feel is dryness (not necessarily bitter, but it must not be sweet), moistness (there is sweetness or other rich taste left in the mouth, and you need to clean your mouth with water or other things to relax your taste buds), or warmth (heat caused by high alcohol content).

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