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How to tell whether a beer is good or bad?

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Friends who often eat night markets know that when eating night markets, beer made by homemade beer equipment is an essential drink. The quality of wine on the market is uneven. How can we tell whether beer is good or bad?How to choose?

1. Look at the materials:

There are only four raw materials for pure beer: malt, water, hops, and yeast. Without any additives, only four raw materials are used: malt, water, hops, and yeast. All anticorrosive, clarification, and other functions are performed by hops.

2. Look at the foam after the beer is poured out:

Beer foam is a complex of isoroxone in hops and foaming protein from malt.Excellent hops and malt can produce white, delicate, rich and long-lasting beer foam.The foam does not break for at least 3-5 minutes, and the foam will turn into wine after it falls.

If the wine you get is foaming quickly, but it is easy to break, or it can be filled without foam after tilting the cup, it can only mean that the amount of hops is insufficient, or the amount of malt is too small, or the foaming is only a short-term foam caused by too much carbon dioxide. Foam.

3. Taste:

Not numb----Good beer is rich in foam, but the content of carbon dioxide is not very high, so it tastes softer and refreshing, without odor or astringency, and it is not as numb as drinking soda.


Slightly bitter-relatively speaking, beer with sufficient hops will taste slightly bitter.This bitterness is mainly derived from something called alpha acid in hops, which is a bitter natural substance that is beneficial to health and has anti-cancer, diuretic, and detoxifying effects.It has an impact on the richness of beer foam, the performance of beer hanging cups, and the bitterness of beer.Like the bitter gourd we eat in summer, Chinese herbal medicine is generally bitter.Therefore, more bitter beer is more beneficial to health, because such beer uses a lot of expensive hops to brew.

4. The important thing is how you feel after drinking:

Whether it's white wine, beer, or red wine, you won't have a headache after drinking a good wine, even if you are drunk.The main cause of dizziness after drinking is alcohol, but the main cause of headache after drinking is the following chemicals: formaldehyde, nitrites, chemical clarification aids, heavy metals and other radioactive substances.The reason why low-cost beer contains these substances is mainly artificially added to improve the stability of the beer (anticorrosive) and used in the clarification process.

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