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How does the beer equipment brew sweet beer?

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The flavor and color of sweet beer brewed by beer equipment are basically close to that of beer, and the transparency is better than that of Mai Jinglu and Gwas. It has the characteristics of low concentration, sweet taste, light color, low bitterness, and low alcohol content.It is very suitable for female friends to drink, especially for people who are not accustomed to the bitterness and alcohol content of beer.

1. For the pretreatment of malt and rice barley, the malt crushing should be as little as possible, and the wheat skin should be crushed, and there should be no large powder particles in the skin.After crushing, the wheat husk above 20# sieve should account for 20%, and the coarse powder above 40# sieve should account for 50%.Medium powder above 80# sieve accounts for 15%, fine powder below 80# sieve accounts for 10%, the more rice and barley are crushed, the better, and fine powder should account for more than 40%.

Second, the ratio.Malt is 100%, water is 500%, lactic acid is 100 ml per 100 kg, hops are 0.2%, and sugar is 20%.


3. Saccharification method of home-brewed beer equipment (100% malt).Add 5 times the amount of water to the malt, add lactic acid (or hydrochloric acid) to adjust the pH to 5.5-5.6, heat up to 50℃ for 90 minutes, then heat up to 65℃, 40 minutes, and then heat up to 78℃, 20 minutes, the saccharification is over and filtered, the residual material is washed and filtered, the filtrate is combined, white wine is added, and the concentration after adding sugar is 8% (hammer degree, BX).The washing tank water is 75-80℃, and the amount is 4 times the weight of the material.Add a hop extract that accounts for 0.02-0.05% of the total mixed juice to the wort (soak with 80-90° hot water).Then boil the wort for 90 minutes.

Fourth, fermentation.The boiled wort is sent to the sedimentation site, cooled to about 50-60℃, and precipitated for 1-1.5 hours.The clarified wort is then cooled to about 10℃.Put the cold wort into the yeast adding tank, add 0.5% yeast or yeast puree, then transfer to the fermentation tank, first pass into sterile air for 10 minutes to reproduce the yeast, and then ferment for 98 hours under conditions not higher than 13℃.

After the fermentation is over, the fermentation liquid can be filtered twice with a single cotton cake filter (the filtration pressure is 0.8-1.0kg/cm2) until the wine is clear and transparent.The filtered wine is cooled to 2-4℃ (using refrigeration equipment, it can be cooled naturally in the north in winter), and a carbon dioxide mixer is used at a pressure of 4.0-4.5kg/cm2 to mix the wine with carbon dioxide.After mixing, it can be filled, stamped, sterilized, and labeled and packed after inspection, and it can be shipped out of the factory.During sterilization, the water temperature should not be high or low, and it can be sterilized in hot water at 65-75℃ for 15-20 minutes.

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