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Beer drinking and storage skills brewed by craft beer equipment

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Beer is very popular in our country. It is a popular drink and one of the indispensable drinks for parties.

1. Keep the beer brewed by craft beer equipment in a cool place.

Beer should be kept at 10-15C, and a refrigerator is a good option. If you don't have a refrigerator, keep your beer in a cool, dark place. When lagering, keep it upright; when moving, try to avoid tilting or shaking it, which can stir up dead yeast at the bottom of the bottle. In any case, don't leave the beer outside, as UV rays can easily damage the quality of the beer.

2. Use a cold glass.

If you add ice cubes directly to the beer, the ice cubes will dilute the beer when it dissolves and affect the taste of the beer. To avoid this problem, you can choose not to add ice cubes, but put the glass in the refrigerator to freeze, so that the beer can be cold and cool after pouring it into the glass. But don't put the wine glass in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator, or the beer may freeze when you pour it into the glass. Do not put food with strong smell, such as garlic and onion, in the refrigerator to avoid contaminating the glass.


3. Choose the appropriate cup.

Thick-walled mugs or tall pilsners are the best choices. These cups come in all shapes and sizes. If you can't find a glass cup, you can use a plastic cup instead, but the plastic cup is preferably brand new. It's important to note that plastics can alter the flavor of the beer or impart an unpleasant plastic taste to the beer.

4. Use a clean cup.

Before drinking beer, you should wash the cup thoroughly, use some dishwashing liquid when washing, and then rinse the cup with cold water. Do not dry the inside of the cup with a towel. After pouring the beer into the glass, tilt the glass slightly and lay it flat. If the foam sticks to the walls of the cup for a long time, the cup is clean; if the foam dissipates quickly (within 1 minute), the cup is not clean enough.

5. Pour the beer correctly.

Pour the beer down from a certain height from the mouth of the glass, which will allow the beer to generate more foam. When pouring, take care to keep the flow of liquid steady. Don't pour all the beer out of the bottle, and stop pouring when the beer in the bottle is only about 1/4 inch from the bottom of the bottle. Pour the beer straight into the glass from a height, which can release part of the carbon dioxide and also release the aroma of the beer.

If you have any suggestions or questions about beer brewing equipment and beer brewing technology, you can write to the DEGONG team.

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