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7BBL Microbrew | Microbrew Beer Equipment | Red Copper Brewhouse

We produce our tools according to the highest requirements, because first-class equipment quality can truly make your product unique and the general success of your brewery. The most critical stage of the brewery installation process is preparation.


Product Description

7BBL Red Copper Brewhouse

Brewery established

With the continuous expansion of craft beer activities, more and more people are considering opening a brewery, including logistics. This is the perfect time to make beer!

We got all kinds of people approaching us who wanted to help create, build, and often install their breweries. Some of our customers are experts in beer development-they have actually been exploring for many years, and the dishes they wish to use are also blooming-they only need help sourcing the most effective high-quality development equipment and external parts.

Others need more consulting skills-from the beginning with the help of brewery layout, design and dimensions-all the way to set-up. This is what we must use in the creation of a brewery. The brewery size allows us to start from the real...

The first step in the process of building a brewery is to make some size choices.

We will definitely ask you 3 questions:

1. What is the size of your place?

2. What are your annual and monthly manufacturing goals?

3. What is your consumption plan?

Solutions to these problems will definitely help us choose a development system that meets your needs. We have considered many variables, which will definitely affect the size of your beer brewing equipment:

  • The number of each set of equipment

  • The price of the tool

  • Source of labor

  • Floor space

  • Growth capacity

After we actually cover these foundations, we will definitely return to you with the suggested arrangements to achieve your goals with the resources available to you at any time.


These are some of our technologies

  • Layout a format that flows with the development process to improve performance and prevent repetitive work and actions

  • Use your upright space with curved elastic containers to optimize your brewery floor for better circulation or easier development

  • Prepare extra space in advance-This will save the cost of upgrading the tool format in advance.

  • By placing the air-conditioning container as close as possible to the workbench, you will definitely invest less cash in beer line air-conditioning and insulation

  • Maintain high quality through hygiene. If you take steps to ensure that your center is tidy and the brewery equipment is cleaned up in a timely, convenient and successful manner, you will certainly not be contaminated-ultimately saving you money and time. It will definitely additionally ensure the high quality of the project.

When we are in the preparation stage of your brewery style format, we will definitely build simple clean layout elements in advance. Of course, we will also consider one of the most reliable equipment positioning in each space, as well as the best technology for cleaning the inside of pipes and containers.


Power performance

Your brewery format can play a key role in saving electricity costs. :

  • Reducing the range between actions means reducing the amount of pumping required. Less pumping, less power required!

  • The structure in the warm therapy system allows you to reuse warm colors in your layout.

  • Position energy near the container to minimize pipeline operation and feasible power loss.


Over time, the tourist element of the brewery has actually become an important aspect. Whether you consider it or not, it is usually as important as the high quality of the beer! This actually means that visual appeal has actually become very important for manufacturers, and the manufacturing center also serves as a tourist destination.

What we consider throughout the process is the brand name image. Handicraft manufacturers pay special attention to this point-at the same time they also want their identity to be reflected in the structure around them. This shows that we need to stabilize the visual layout while meeting the needs of daily functional tasks.

Points like floor covering products can make all the difference. We intend to choose products that overcome the barriers to beer brewing while maintaining a pleasing brand appearance.


15BBL copper brewing equipment

With the continuous expansion of craft beer activities, more and more people are considering opening a brewery and logistics. Others need additional consulting skills—help with the size, style, and format of the brewery from the start—all the way to set-up. This is what we must use in the creation of a brewery. When creating your brewery design, we will consider many points. This is a significant advantage of carefully planned brewery style and program management. When beer style enters the layout stage of the brewery, several topics have actually been discussed and considered. When matching styles with each other, there is a brand new meeting point to be trusted.


Contact us

We can customize product specifications according to your requirements. If you have any needs or questions, please contact us.

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