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2000L Complete Brewing System Micro Brewery Equipment Craft Brewhouse Machine

This set of brewery equipment is specially designed. It combines the three brewing processes of Mash, Lauter, and Kettle into one tank, while the other requires only a negative Whirlpool. DEGONG's engineers added hot liquid tanks and glycol water tanks according to the customer's brewing process for efficient use of energy.
  • DG-2000L


Product Description

2000L Complete Brewing System

Goods Equipments Components Q’ty
2000L Beer Brewing System Grain Milling Unit [500~800kg/hr] 1unit
Flexible Auger 1set
1500L Grist Silo 1set
2000L Three Vessel/HLT Brewhouse
4000L Fermentation Tank/Unitank 4sets
4000L Bright Beer Tank 1set
Glycol Chilling Unit [2000L GWT + 4000L CLT + 2x8HP Chiller + Pipeline] 1unit
Brewhouse Instrumental Control Cabinet 1set
Fermentation Instrumental Control Cabinet 1set
200L Portable CIP Cart [Two Tanks] 1unit
1-Station Keg Filler 1set
2-Station 2-Tank Auto Keg Rinser 1set
Filteration Unit 1unit
Automatic Bottling Line [6-6-1 heads] 1unit
200kg/hr Automatic Gas Steam Boiler 1set


DEGONG 2000L brewing equipment

  • The hot water of the heat exchange plate is stored in the hot water tank for feeding, washing grain and cleaning.

  • The exhaust pipe of the kettle condenses the steam into water. This method will cause environmental pollution. We can use water to wipe the floor.

  • Saccharification and filtration in one tank, saving time and reducing wort oxidation. Staggering the scraper spindle head to make the scraper reach a high level, this design reduces work obstacles and saves more energy. The backwash system is located at the bottom of the tank to clean the bottom of the tank more cleanly.

  • Critical and frequent operating points can be equipped with manual or automatic controls.

  • Perfect and smooth process design makes the whole equipment compact and easy to operate


DEGONG 1500L turnkey brewhouse


Mash Lauter tank, Function: Mashing, lauter, filter the wort

  • Sparging pipe for grain washing with TC connection.

  • Wort collecting pipe and back washing device to cleaning false bottom.

  • Mechanical Raker: VFD control, gear motor on the top.

  • Spent grain:Automatic raker device, Grain removing plate with reverse, forward is raker, reverse is grain out.

  • Milled false bottom: 0.7mm distance, diameter designed suitable for the lauter tun, with dense supporting leg, detachable handle.

  • Wort circulation inlet TC on top with elbow and mash inlet upon false bottom on side wall.

  • Side mounted spent grain port .

  • With discharge hole, thermometer PT100 and necessary valves and fittings.

Brew kwttle, Function: Wort boiling and hopping

  • Machinical Agitation: With VFD control, at the top horizontal motor with seal.

  • Steam venting chimney with anti backflow pipe.

  • Condensate recycle to hot water tank.

Whirlpool tank: Function: wort whirlpool

  • Whirlpool tangent pumped at 1/3height of the tank

  • Steam venting chimney with anti backflow pipe.

  • Condensate recycle to hot water tank.

Brewhouse pipes, Function: wort transfer from mash tun to lauter, and to kettle and so on.

  • Material: SS304 sanitary pipes.

  • Sanitary stainless steel valve and pipeline, Easy to operate and reasonable in design;

  • Wort inlet at side of tank to reduce the oxygen.

Plate heating exchanger, Function: wort cooling.

  • Two stage and six flow, hot wort to cold wort, tap water to hot water, glycol water recycle.

  • Design Structure: Suspension type, screw material is SUS304, nut material is brass, easy disassembled for cleaning.

  • Stainless steel 304 material

  • Design pressure:1.0 Mpa;

  • Working temperature:170°C.

  • Tri-clamp quick-installed.


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