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1200L 12HL 10BBL Red Copper Cladding 2 Vessel Brewery Manufacturer/Supplier

1200L 12HL 10BBL brewery is a part of my small brewery, it is used by saccharification to extract sugar from malt from grains. The production capacity of 1200L 12HL 10BBL brewery is greater than that of a hotel or bar brewery system. It usually runs independently.
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Product Description

1200L Copper 2 Vessel Brewery


In order to be more attractive, the material is usually copper clad, and the cost is higher than stainless steel or polished mirrors.

Equipped with 3 container brewing rooms, MT + LT + KWT + HLT, 2 batches can be brewed a day.

The mash room control is based on a semi-automatic type. The VFD controls the on/off of the pump, the VFD controlled motor on/off, the temperature control of the winery and the fermentation tank is automatic, and we only need to manually open/close the valve.

We have breweries for sale, if you are looking for a 10bbl brewery.


1200L 12HL 10BBL Red Copper Cladding 2 Vessel Brewery

  • The combination of saccharification plants is M T + LT + KWT + HLT.

  • The malt hydrator is placed on the top of the mashing bucket and can be used for pre-mashing to remove dust.

  • The wort collection ring at the bottom of the filter has 4 wort outlets. Therefore, the wort can flow through multiple paths instead of a single path, which is beneficial to speed up the filtration process.

  • There is also a backwasher at the bottom of the filter, and 4 nozzles are designed. It can be used to clean false bottom and loose grain bed during filtering process.

  • Put the wort between the filter tank and the kettle as a buffer tank to avoid the negative pressure under the false bottom and protect the tank body intact.


10BBL High-quality Copper Craft Beer Making Equipment

Copper saccharification equipment configuration
  • Each weld is mixed and finished with a smooth and hygienic surface

  • Stainless steel brewing platform and integrated stairs or ladders with adjustable feet for platform leveling

  • Stainless steel hard pipe and brewing chamber manifold with butterfly valve, sight glass and all necessary clamps and gaskets to connect the tank together

  • Stainless steel steam condensing chimney

  • Hygienic centrifugal pump for delivery of wort, wort or hot water

  • Agitator and rake with fixed speed or various speeds for efficient filtration and removal of flower particles

  • High-efficiency multi-channel plate heat exchanger with thermometer and oxidized aeration stone port (stone not included)

  • Stainless steel control panel with digital control and programmable to optimize the temperature of the water reading

  • Compact-space saving and flexible brewing configuration

  • Provide steam or straight

  • Standard thermometer and Thermawell adapter for pumps and motors

  • Indicator light

  • VFD control

  • Touch screen panel and PLC program

  • Semi-automatic or automatic control with electronic or pneumatic butterfly valve

  • Level gauge


Copper distillation equipment

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