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10BBL High-quality Copper Craft Beer Making Equipment Sold in Italy

Copper beer brewing equipment is mainly used in beer bars, hotels, and restaurants to improve aesthetics. The wort pot, filter barrel and related pipes and pipes are covered with highly polished copper, which brings a very special high-quality atmosphere to this bar brewery.


Product Description

10BBL Craft Beer Making Equipment

10 bbl Brewpub Introduction to brewery equipment. Micro breweries or small breweries are usually suitable for breweries that are much smaller and independently owned than large corporate breweries. The characteristics of such breweries are usually emphasizing flavor and brewing technology. We provide a micro brewery (small brewery) with a production capacity of 500 liters (5BBL) to 5000 liters (50BBL) per brew. Small breweries provide complete "turnkey" functions. If required, the performance of your small breweries (brewery and small breweries) can be improved in the future.


1. Malt crushed

Unit particle adjustable rolling crusher

Flexible or steel screw auger lifts the crushed grain directly to the mashing bucket


Malt mashing device

2. 10 barrel brewery unit

Various combinations of mash bucket, filter bucket, boiling kettle, whirlpool bucket

Hot water tank and cold water tank are optional for special combination

Precisely designed brewing or decoction methods

Stainless steel is popular because of its ease of maintenance and cleaning, with optional copper cladding

Two-stage or single-stage heat exchanger for wort cooling

All stainless steel integrated working platform

All pipes and fittings of the sanitary and efficient wort pump


10BBL Copper Brewery

3. 10 BBL or 20 BBL fermentation device

Standard stainless steel or copper cone-shaped cylindrical fermentation tank

Single size or double size commonly used by small breweries as breweries

The number of tanks is accurately calculated according to the fermentation cycle of various beers

All manholes, valves, pressure gauges, accessories, etc.


Stainless steel fermentation tank

4. Beer filter unit

Craft beer does not need to be filtered, and the barrel is filled for quick consumption

Plate and frame or candle type DE (diatomaceous earth) filters are used to clarify beer

5. 10 BBL or 20 BBL Bright Beer tank unit

Standard stainless steel bright tank for beer maturation, conditioning, service and carbonation

Single-size or double-size are commonly used as fermentation tanks in restaurants or bars

Accurate calculation of the number of tanks for various beers and functions

Including all manholes, valves, stones, meters, accessories, etc.

6. Cooling device

Insulated glycol water tank with or without copper glycol liquid holding and mixing coil

High-efficiency chillers or refrigerators provide cooling energy

Sanitary centrifugal pump used for the circulation of glycol water between the storage tank and the heat exchanger

All pipes, fittings, insulation materials are included

7. Control Unit

Electric control cabinet with temperature, open-saccharification

Room power-off control with temperature electric control cabinet, cooling components on-off control

Temperature controllers, thermocouples, solenoid valves, etc. include

PLC touch screen panel to meet special requirements

8. Beer distribution

Barrel filling and rinsing

Machine Semi-automatic bottling machine with functions of washing, filling, capping, labeling, etc. It can provide fast

Pasteurization or tunnel pasteurization


Filling machine

9. Other facilities

Portable or stationary CIP system for cleaning tanks

Steam boiler heated by the brewery for brewing

Water treatment

Oil-free air compressor

Beer laboratory equipment for beer quality testing


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