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1000L 10HL Red Copper Turnkey Micro Beer Brewing System in Germany

Beer is an alcoholic beverage made from wheat sprouts and barley sprouts as the main raw materials, adding hops, liquid gelatinization and saccharification, and then liquid fermentation. Beer has a low alcohol content and contains carbon dioxide, a variety of amino acids, vitamins, low-molecular sugars, inorganic salts and various enzymes.
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Product Description

1000L Turnkey Beer Brewing System

5 factors to consider before starting a microbrewery

Starting a small brewery may seem basic. Buy some small brewery equipment, make some great beer, and sell it to beverage vendors and neighborhood dining establishments with a healthy and balanced income.

The truth about operating a craft brewery has actually proven that the situation is different for the hundreds of craft beer manufacturers that have actually entered the market in the past decade. Between 2007 and 2012, the process development of the manufacturing industry increased, and by 2018 it also seems to be positioned as a three-way. For craft manufacturers, the possibility of success is very high, but according to anyone's estimation, opening a brewery is not easy.

Here are some economic factors that need to be considered from the entire process of the brewery operator himself.


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1. Equipment prices for small breweries

According to Leonard Kolada, founder of Smokehouse Development Co. in Columbus, Ohio, the cost of development tools will definitely range from US$100,000 for a single-barrel system to approximately US$1 million for a brand new 30-barrel system. One of the biggest problems with craft manufacturers checked by the Microbrewr blog site is that they start very little, but quickly exceed their tools or their field, so most likely the best way is to prepare for where you want to end up , Not traditional.

2. Building/building prices

Considering the size and characteristics of the brewery in advance will surely help you accurately plan the appropriate area and structure costs. A brewery can be just an area where beer is made, but if you want to sell beer locally or own a bar or restaurant, it will definitely be included in your price.


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3. License and meet federal government laws

Obtaining a government certificate won't make you back down, but the state and community costs are different. Mike King from Change Development said in a meeting with Microbrewer: "I hope I can certainly understand the high license, tax obligations, fees, bonds, insurance coverage... and development and every little thing. It has nothing to do with the developing organization."

4. Reinvest in the business

In addition, when your organization starts to make money, you will definitely need to reinvest a large amount of revenue in the business for development and upgrades. Michael Kane of Kane Development Business of Jacket Coast spent a lot of money on his development company, but still found himself in addition to paying labor costs in a timely manner, but also found himself investing cash in larger fermentation tanks and 5,000 square feet of growth . "You will never really complete your investment in this organization," he told CNN Cash.


5. Various other troubles and negative routines

In process development, not every set of beer will definitely get better. Jennifer Royo from No Tag Development Business stated: “When you run a brewery, you will definitely be constantly shocked.


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