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1500L Red Copper Turnkey Brewing Brewhouse Equipments From DEGONG

The 1500L Copper Brewhouse is pre-installed with a brewing platform with control panels, heat exchangers, pumps and valves. The system also includes a closed granting device with a dedicated pump and diaphragm valve to improve the flow rate in the filtration process.
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Product Description

1500L Turnkey Brewhouse Equipments

DEGONG beer brewing equipment manufacturers talk about the stages and functions of saccharification temperature control in the beer brewing process.

According to the saccharification temperature, it can be divided into the following point.

35-40℃ control stage and function

Dipping stage: The temperature at this time is called the dipping temperature, which is conducive to the leaching of enzymes and the formation of acid, as well as the decomposition of β-glucan.

45-55℃ control stage and function

Protein decomposition stage: The temperature at this time becomes the protein decomposition temperature, and the control method is as follows:

(1) The temperature is biased toward the lower limit, and the amount of amino-terminal production is relatively large; the temperature is biased toward the upper limit, and the amount of soluble nitrogen is generated more;

(2) For well-dissolved malt, the temperature can be higher and the protein decomposition time can be shorter;

(3) For malt that dissolves particularly well, this stage can also be abandoned;

(4) For maldissolved malt, the temperature should be kept low and the protein decomposition time should be prolonged

At the above temperature, endo-β-1,3-glucan becomes vigorous, and the decomposition of β-glucan continues.


62-70℃ control stage and function

Saccharification stage: The temperature at this time is generally called the saccharification temperature, and its control method is as follows:

(1) At 62-65°C, more fermentable sugars are produced, and the proportion of non-sugars is relatively low, which is suitable for making beer with high fermentability; at the same time, at this temperature, endopeptidase and carboxypeptidase still have Partial vitality

(2) If it is controlled at 65-70°C, the leaching rate of malt will be relatively increased, fermentable sugar will be relatively reduced, and the proportion of non-sugar will be increased, which is suitable for the production of low-fermentation beer

(3) Controlling 65°C saccharification can obtain the highest yield of fermentable extracts

(4) By adjusting the temperature in the saccharification stage, the ratio of sugar to non-sugar in the wort can be controlled

(5) The saccharification temperature is too high, which is beneficial to the action of α-amylase, the saccharification time (referring to the complete time of the iodine reaction) is shortened, and the proportion of non-sugar produced is higher.


75-78℃ control stage and function

Dextrinization stage: At this temperature, α-amylase is still active, and the remaining starch can be further decomposed, while other enzymes are inhibited or inactivated.

The control of the saccharification temperature when brewing beer by the self-brewed beer equipment is divided into these four stages, and I hope it will be helpful to you who are brewing beer.


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