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Yeast control and requirements

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The selection of yeast

Yeast control as well as requirements for brewing devices. Yeast is the basic principle of developing beer, developing good beer as well as beer yeast high quality is closely relevant.

The recycled yeast paste ought to be white in shade, without any various other taste and no sour taste, and have a sticky look. The detection results of miscellaneous bacteria as well as unsafe microorganisms in the fermentation brew need to be an indication to review the contamination degree of the yeast in the storage tank. According to the concept of "clean and sterile use yeast", the storage tank with unqualified microorganisms can not be made use of as the flow yeast. The principle of "check initially, usage later" needs to be complied with. The recovered yeast needs to be evaluated prior to including and also utilizing. The mortality rate of yeast ought to be less than 5%, and also the pH value should not be higher than 5. The yeast recuperation algebra should be controlled within 5 generations, to ensure that the task of yeast is good and the flavor of the beer is excellent.

The time of yeast time

The technique has shown that when the noticeable sugar web content of the fermentation brew drops to 3.5 OP. The tank is secured and also the stress is maintained (0.08 ~ 0.10 mpa), and also the yeast is recouped after 2 ~ 3 days of stress rise. Currently, the yeast is most active, fermenting vigorously as well as strong.

The advantage of this kind of recovery is: because yeast cell does not pass stasis period, go into the growth period straight. Then increase so send out quickly, ferment exuberant, reductive diacetyl rate is quickly, can make the top quality of the beer is stable.

The control of yeast number throughout the fermentation

In the fermentation procedure, the sedimentation of the yeast is slope. The reduced layer is mostly aging, dead cells, and also doped with a great deal of chilly coagulation, etc. The center layer remains in the fermentation prospering period of reproduction, with vigor, high fermentation force of the yeast. The top is reasonably light yeast and blended with jump resin and various other pollutants, low quality than the center layer. Therefore, in the choice of yeast, to take the "head as well as tail, take the middle" approach.

The variety of a full tank of yeast need to be regulated in between (1.5 ~ 2.0) 107/ ml, and also the inoculating quantity of yeast should be regulated at 0.8%. If the inoculating quantity of yeast is less (much less than 1.0 107/ ml), the breeding time of yeast cells will certainly be enhanced. And also the fermentation cycle will certainly be extended, which is not conducive to the development and also development of yeast and very easy to trigger microbial contamination. As a matter of fact, if the quantity of shot is expensive, new yeast cells will be lowered, which will cause maturation and also aging and influence the recovery high quality of yeast.

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