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What Size and Type of Equipment do I need for a Craft Distillery?

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What do I need to know to set up my Craft Distillery?

Further questions, or more detailed questions, may include:

  • If producing Gin, what type of Infusion method are you intending to use?

  • Is Maceration playing a role in your Spirit Enhancement process?

  • Do you have problematic water for Fermentation, Cooling, or Dilution that may require additional Filtration?

  • Do you have a preferred Energy Source, or Power Supply Limitations?

How big should my Equipment be?

All our Calculations are based on the following assumed variables (obviously it would differ from situation to situation and client to client, but these are worst case scenario's).

  • 10% Headspace in both Boiler and Fermentation Tank

  • 10% ABV Fermentation Strength (minimum economically viable for a Craft Distillery for a Primary Product Line)

  • 5% Sedimentation in the Fermentation Vessel

  • 90% Recovery Rate during Distillation

  • 750 ml Standard Bottle Size

  • 43% ABV Product Strength

NOTE: Obviously if the bottles are smaller, or ABV% is lower, the Production Quantities per Batch will be higher with all other variables being the same. Inversely, larger bottles and higher ABV% will lead to lower Production Quantities per Batch.


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How many Bottles can I produce per Batch?

Still Boiler Size Number of Bottles Produced per Distillation Batch
100lt 25
200lt 50
300lt 75
500lt 125
1000lt 250
... ...

What size Fermentation Tank do I need?

Still Boiler Size Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Size
100lt 100lt
200lt 200lt
300lt 300lt
500lt 500lt
1000lt 1000lt
... ...

How many Fermentation Tanks do I need?      

The number of Fermentation Tanks in your Craft Distillery depends on a number of Factors:

  • Budget. Obviously the more tanks you need, the more it will cost, and the larger the tank is, the more it will cost. You will find that larger tanks of the same design is cheaper than more tanks of the same design. So bigger is cheaper.

  • Number of Days in your Fermentation Cycle. The lower your fermentation temperature, and therefore the longer your fermentation cycle, the more tanks you will need in order to produce regularly.

  • Available working days and hours. Doubling up on Fermentation Tank size will allow you to produce the same quantity of product with the same equipment, but spend less time making fermentations, therefore leaving more time for Sales, Marketing and Admin.

  • Future Expansion. Starting off with larger Fermentation Capacity allows for rapid and cheaper future growth and expansion of your distillery.

Assuming a 5 day Fermentation Cycle, and Daily Production, you would require the following:

Still Boiler Size 200lt Fermentation Tank 400lt Fermentation Tank 500lt Fermentation Tank 600lt Fermentation Tank 1000lt Fermentation Tank
100lt 3 2 - 1 -
200lt 5 3 - 2 -
300lt - - - 3 2
500lt - - 6 - 3
1000lt - - - - 5
... ... ... ... ... ...

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tanks

  • Unlimited Life Expectancy (if taken care of)

  • Easy to Sterilize (Can use Chemical Sterilizers, Clean In Place System, Steam Cleaning, etc.)

  • High Aesthetic Value (Looks Good and Professional)

  • Cooling and Temperature Control is easy due to Jacketed Design

  • No Discoloration occurs

  • Unlimited attachments available (Multiple Valves, Level Indicator, Spray Ball, Thermometer, Re-circulation Pump, etc.)

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