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What problems should I avoid when building a brewery?

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Craft beer is the dark horse that breaks the market circle of the beer industry in the new era. Medium and small craft beer brands are on the rise. It promotes the progress and renewal of the development of the craft beer industry chain. The construction of a craft brewery is a fresh start. Why is "build a factory first, then decide on a product" a problem to avoid when building a factory?

Equipment and product technology do not match

Different products have different production processes and also require various supporting equipment. The first problem caused by "build factories first, products later" is the mismatch between equipment and product innovation. IPA development differs from Preferred Beer in terms of device frame and layout. During IPA development, hops need to be dry-watered. Different equipment will definitely affect the high quality and taste of the goods. The ideal approach is to first determine the project scope and then select the type of equipment based on the process to determine the best match between the beer equipment and the product process.

Production capacity and market sales do not match

The variety of large breweries to be built is closely related to sales capacity, and the number of sales is closely related to the target audience, customer team, and project scope. This requires detailed and scientific market research before building a factory. Who are the main consumer groups in the target audience? What are the target group preferences? Offer market sales according to the research results, and match your own equipment capabilities; otherwise, manufacturing capabilities and markets will surely emerge, unparalleled sales scenarios.


Sales price and profit do not match

Investing in a brewery has a certain payback period. At the beginning, market research and construction planning were not done well, resulting in a mismatch between modern technology of equipment and products, and a mismatch between manufacturing capabilities and market sales. The purchased equipment is ordinary equipment, and the manufactured products may be ordinary products or have specific defects. Can not meet the basic needs of handicrafts. At present, the prices of goods on the market are quite low, sales volume is difficult to increase, and income is minimal. This is far from the expectation of the person in charge of building the factory, and the return on investment is also far from the same.

From these dimensions, "build the factory first, then order the product" can cause catastrophic problems for breweries, so building a brewery is not a simple problem. It is a crucial and fundamental action to initially determine the target population and project scope, do market research, determine sales design, estimate manufacturing and sales quantities, determine the scope of manufacturing facilities, and then select equipment and build factories. Subsequent product manufacturing and sales will be more efficient and smoother, and the recovery of capital investment is just around the corner. Everyone who wants to build a brewery needs to pay attention, be vigilant and prevent it from happening.

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