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What is the difference between craft beer and regular beer?

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First, The Brewing Materials Is Different

The brewing materials of craft beer and ordinary beer are different. Beer is a low-alcohol fermented wine containing carbon dioxide, which is made from grains and water as the main raw materials, and hops (or hop products) are fermented by yeast.

Beer can usually be divided into craft beer and industrial beer according to the raw materials and fermentation process.

1. Craft beer: brewed with only malt, hops, yeast and water, without any artificial additives. Compared to industrial beers, with more malt and more hops added, the resulting wort is more concentrated. Usually, craft beer does not need to consider the cost too much when brewing, and most of them will choose the best raw materials for brewing.

2. Industrial beer: It is also brewed with malt, hops, yeast and water, but in pursuit of cost, more raw materials such as rice, corn and starch are used to replace malt. The resulting beer has a very low wort concentration and a bland taste.

Second, The Fermentation Process Is Different

The fermentation process of craft beer and industrial beer is also different. Usually, craft beer adopts the Ales process (Ales, upper fermentation process), and industrial beer adopts the Lager process (Larges, lower fermentation process). The main difference is the location of the yeast during fermentation and the fermentation temperature.

1. Craft beer: mostly ale process, the yeast works at the top of the fermentation tank and floats above the liquor, and the fermentation temperature is generally controlled at 10-20 °C. Fermenters are usually small and are not filtered and sterilized after fermentation.

2. Industrial beer: Most of it is a lager process. The yeast works at the bottom of the fermentation tank and sinks under the liquor. The fermentation temperature is generally controlled below 10 °C. The fermentation tank is larger, and filtration and pasteurization are usually used after fermentation to increase the shelf life (shelf life) of the beer.


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Third, The Fermentation Time Is Different

In addition to the differences in the fermentation process between craft beer and industrial beer, the fermentation time is also very different.

1. Craft beer: Because there is no need to worry too much about the cost, the fermentation time is often not paid much attention to, and the time cost is not considered too much. The most traditional craft beer fermentation time can be as long as 15 days – 2 months, so that the beer is fully fermented, the wort concentration is higher, and the flavor is stronger.

2. Industrial beer: For industrial beer, time is money, so the fermentation time of industrial beer is usually only about 7 days, so the fermentation will not be particularly sufficient, resulting in a low concentration of wort and a lighter flavor.

Fourth, The Development History Is Different

Craft beer has a longer history of fermentation than industrial beer, which has been around long before industrial beer.

1. Craft beer: In the beginning, ale (craft beer) was produced by women to protect their families to survive in harsh environments (such as plague, famine, polluted water, etc.). During the Middle Ages, large numbers of people died from the plague, and the church took over the production of beer.

Due to the huge increase in market demand for beer and high profits, craft beer has developed rapidly. At that time, many European royal families also established their own royal breweries to brew craft beer. But with the advent of refrigeration equipment, industrial beer that is stable in quality, not easy to spoil, and suitable for transportation has become popular. Coupled with the prosperity of glass products, the turbid ale in the transparent glass is not very pleasing, and people are more and more fond of lager beer (mostly industrial beer).

2. Industrial beer: In the 1940s, beer brewers in Bavaria, Germany brought the beer fermentation process to Pilsen, Czech Republic, and produced the world’s earliest golden beer, Pilsen beer (industrial beer), with refrigeration equipment. The emergence of this beer with stable quality and non-deterioration suitable for large-scale industrial production and transportation is popular in the world. As transportation improved, Pilsner and the Pilsner brewing method soon spread throughout Central Europe.

Later, the popular European beer was brought to the United States by immigrants, and gradually Americans gradually liked this beer, but because the United States had less barley, corn was gradually used instead of barley to brew beer, and later evolved into using rice or barley. Starch, etc., instead of barley brewing beer, has formed the American industrial beer seen on the market today.


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Fifth, Styles And Nutritional Value Are Different

1. Craft beer: Craft beer usually adds a large variety and quantity of malt, yeast and hops, and can be brewed in different styles, including fragrant wheat beer, thick dark beer, amber beer and fruit beer. Etc., there are nearly 100 styles of craft beer in the world divided by type. These craft beers have rich aroma, high content of wort, thick and full taste, higher nutritional value and high price. Most craft beers have an alcohol content of more than 11 degrees, and some fortified craft beers can reach 20 degrees.

2. Industrial beer: In order to unify the taste of the finished product, the brewing process and style of industrial beer are usually single, and the fermentation time is extremely short, so industrial beer has a light taste, more bubbles, low wort concentration, low hop content and low alcohol content. and other characteristics, its natural nutritional value and price are also lower.

Sixth, The Storage Time Is Different

1. Craft beer: Most craft beers are not filtered and sterilized, so craft beers are less resistant to preservation. Most craft beers have a short shelf life, some only a few tens of days.

2. Industrial beer: In the later stage of fermentation, industrial beer is often filtered and pasteurized, and has a long shelf life. The general shelf life of industrial beer is 1-2 years, and some can even reach decades.

Seventh, the drinking method is different

1. Craft beer: Usually, the taste is thicker and thicker, and the alcohol content is high, which is suitable for drinking slowly.

2. Industrial beer: usually has a lighter taste and a low alcohol content, suitable for drinking in large gulps.

Final Conclusion

Craft beer is made in small batches, and it usually has a higher alcohol content than regular beer. It also uses more expensive ingredients, and it’s often more flavorful.

Regular beer is made in large batches, so it tends to be less expensive than craft beer. It also has a lower alcohol content and isn’t as flavorful as craft beer.

Craft beer is not filtered or sterilized by high temperature, and retains the original nutrients and active yeast components of the fermentation liquid. Its mellow wine body, rich malt flavor and unique flavor are completely different from traditional bottled beer.

Craft beer is not only good for people’s health, but also has a strong malt aroma and excellent taste, especially in bars, barbecues, and cold cups, and its sales are increasing day by day.

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