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Three Vessels 2000L Commercial Brewing System Brewhouse Free Combination Side Manhole Fermentation Tank Near Me

For a experienced brewmaster who want to start your own micro brewery, the beer brewing equipment with capacity 1000-2000L is a good choice. But if you have plan to expand your business in the future, the bigger capacity 2000L with more advantages absolutely.
Control method:
brewhouse combination:
fermentation tank manhole:
  • DGET-2000L

  • DGET

  • 8438400000

Product Description

2000L brewing system for craft beer brewhouse

For the 2000L brewhouse, both of the two vessel, three vessel or four vessel are available. If you just plan to brew only 1 batch per day, of course the two vessel brewhouse (mash/lauter tun + kettle/whirlpool tun + HLT) could be a choice. But if you plan to brew at least 2 batches per day at the beginning, then the 3 vessel or 4 vessel brewhouse will be a better choice. As they are more flexible during beer brewing and with much higher brewing efficiency than two vessel.

750 BW-min


Mash tun

1. Use of highly efficient miller jacket heat technology, the application of scientific principles of steam turbulence to achieve maximum heat transfer, energy-saving effects, while taking fully automated temperature control technology, to ensure the heating and the heat accuracy at the stage of the saccharification, gelatinization process.  

2.  The international advanced speed control system using the variable frequency, automatic control technology to ensure the homogeneous liquid mixture gelatinization, mash saccharification process. This system can maximize the biological activity and conversion, catalytic effect of the enzymes in the gelatinization, saccharification process, to ensure the best quality beer and the highest yield from the source.


Lauter tun

1. Use of advanced scientific farming knife shaped structure and hydraulic automatic take-off and landing system technology to ensure the uniform double slot, the smooth groove and also the improved filtering speed and production efficiency. Maintain the transparency of the wort and a good juice yield.

2. Applying with the international advanced suspension, stirring devices, with variable frequency, speed control, automatic control technology, so that the operation could be more convenient, flexible and maintenance is simple, cost-saving.


Boiling/whirlpool tun

1. In application of advanced boiling, pressurized technology to improve the boiling intensity, greatly increased the evaporation dimethyl sulfide, promote coagulation such as proteins and other cohesive material, so that rapid separation of boiled wort and polymers.

2. By the off-pump hybrid technology to speed up the inside wort heating rate, wort is heated with an even temperature to avoid partially overheating caused degeneration phenomenon. This technology can ensure the quality of the boiled wort.

3.Design according to the quantity of the spent grain on unit filtration area, enlarges the proportion of the height and diameter, reduces the speed, promotes the settlement of coagulum and cohesion to achieve the best separation.

750 equipment 细节-min


750 mash 细节-min


2000L brewing system for fermentation system

The 2000L/20HL beer fermenters are one of our hot sale capacity for expanding. All of the conical fermenters are double wall, jacketed and insulated in our standard.

750 FV-min


The main configurations of our 2000L fermentation tanks:

  • With vacuum relief valve 2 bar on top of the tank

  • With dry hopping port on top front of the tank

  • Stainless steel manhole on side wall; (top manhole for optional)

  • With sample valve

  • With both of CO2 blow off arm and CIP arm

  • Horizontal rotating racking arm


Carbonation port and stone

Leveling sight glass

75 FV 详情-min

If you have interest, please feel free to contact me.

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