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The role of hydrogen peroxide in brewing beer

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If you want to maintain a clean and hygienic brewing environment, you have to mention the CIP cleaning system that many beer equipment manufacturers talk about. The CIP system is a necessary part of beer equipment to maintain long-term stable development. Today, I will introduce it to you in detail. The role of the cleaning agent hydrogen peroxide in CIP cleaning equipment in beer production.

1. Disinfect production equipment and pipelines. Dilute the stable hydrogen peroxide with water, rinse the equipment with the diluent, soak the pipeline for 20 to 30 minutes, and then release the disinfectant, and there is no need to rinse with water.

2. Disinfection of packaging containers. Soak the container for 20 to 30 minutes with a stable hydrogen peroxide solution diluted 35 to 100 times, or pressurize the container for 10 to 60 seconds, and release the disinfectant, no need to rinse with water.

3. Preparation of sterile water. The ratio of stable hydrogen peroxide to water is 1:10000~30000. Add stable hydrogen peroxide to water and stir evenly.


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4. Disinfection of the production space. After diluting stable hydrogen peroxide and water at a ratio of 1:100, spray the disinfectant solution in the air with a sprayer, which can disinfect the production space, which is beneficial to the production and management of beer enterprises.

5. Disinfection of personnel. The solution obtained by diluting stable hydrogen peroxide 50 to 100 times can disinfect the hands and feet of staff. To disinfect different occasions and different items, different methods and different concentrations of disinfectant can be used according to the actual situation, which can not only achieve the ideal sterilization effect, but also reduce the use cost.

6. Sterilization of beer aseptic packaging. In beer production, there are two main ways to sterilize packaging with stable hydrogen peroxide: one is to heat stable hydrogen peroxide to a certain temperature, and then sterilize the packaging box or packaging material. The other is to evenly coat or spray the stable hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the packaging material, and then evaporate the stable hydrogen peroxide by heating with hot air to complete the sterilization process.

I hope these contents will be helpful to you. DEGONG equipment has a professional beer equipment R&D team and a brewer team. If you have any questions or suggestions in the selection of beer equipment or brewing technology, you can leave a message to DEGONG equipment, and everyone can communicate and learn together.

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