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Storage conditions for beer

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Not all beers age the same, so know what you’re drinking.Unfortunately, there’s no real timeline for when a certain beer will age into the “not fresh” category. But there are a few good rules of thumb you can use to know whether you should be worried about a beer's freshness or if you can stash it and still have a delicious beer one year down the road.It is best to cook the wort more for the perfect beer. The more wort you cook, the better the beer will taste. That's why the wort is boiled for 60 minutes, sometimes longer, to get the best end product.

The storage conditions of the finished beer are determined according to the physical and chemical properties of the beer, and the specific storage conditions must meet the following requirements.

  • Beer should be stored in strict accordance with the production time and product type, so that the beer should be produced first, put into the warehouse first, and sold first, so as to prevent it from being stored in the warehouse for too long.

  • The finished beer warehouse must have the conditions of being warm in winter and cool in summer, and it is required that the temperature in the warehouse should not exceed 25 ℃ in summer and not lower than 10 ℃ in winter. To have better thermal insulation conditions and cooling facilities.

  • The finished beer warehouse should have good dry and ventilated conditions to prevent the occurrence of mildew on the carton and trademark paper and the rust of the bottle cap.

  • The finished beer should be kept in the warehouse and cannot be stored in the open air to prevent the sun and rain. Even brown and dark green bottles are not completely immune to sunlight odor and high-temperature oxidation. Do not stack at low temperature in the open air in winter, otherwise it is easy to freeze and explode, resulting in cold turbidity, or cause the trademark to fall off after snow, and the bottle cap to rust.


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